Wednesday, May 13, 2009

im alive!

my new sofa , has 2 recliners, its acually a darker tan color.

my new loveseat! its very high so not hard to get off of and oh so comfey! has 2 recliners so mommy can put her feet up lol

just some mountains

a cool cave we seen coming out of the mountain.

just some pretty pics of the mountains around there

here was are home sweet home for 2 days, it was raining as you can see.

we had to follow this trail on the property to get where we were setting up, your going up a hill.

this is the old store thats falling apart now

old school bus someone turned into a camper

heres a pic of an old outhouse on the property!

Why helloooooooooo...........

i made it back from my trip from west virginia just havent felt like blogging. here are some pics and heres a pic of my 2 new couches! i dont no how to get the pics on here the way they should be so just bare with me lol. okay so the picture of the bus is a old school bus that someone turned into a camper! its just sitting on the property now, i was afraid to go near it , its so old and i might find a dead body or something :P the property belongs to my boyfriends cousins wifes family, its on spruce knob the highest mountain in WV. her great grandmother use to own a store there and it also was a camp ground, theres no electric around there. it takes 30 to 45 mins to get off the mountain each way. so heres a pic of the old store its falling apart and heres just some random pics of where we set up are camp site. it rained pretty much the whole time wich wasnt fun but it was nice to just enjoy nature and it was soooooo quite! i had a good time just sitting around doing nothing while the others rode 4 wheelers. didnt see me a bear and anything big thank god! others saw turkeys and deer. so anyway was so tired when we got back and was glad to be home. i just dont enjoy long car rides it makes me tired and makes me swell like crazy!
i love love my new couches, got them friday. would it be wrong of me to make everyone sit on the floor and me just enjoy them. i just have never had new couches and i dont want the kid or anyone spilling anything or damaging them. i no its gonna happen one day , just not yet i hope! they are microfiber wich i was told by many many that its easy to keep clean. it figures my cat never got on the other couch but once we got these i see her trying to get on and i gotta say NOOOOOOOO. i dont want her clawing at them or getting cat hair, sorry im a bit compulsive and just dont like new stuff to get ruined. go ahead shake your head and tell me to get over it!!!!! lol. so anyway that really about it around here just been doing the same ole same. really gotta catch up on blogs im way behind, so if i havent been by in while i will soon. hugs