Tuesday, June 9, 2009

its been awhile


so its been awhile........i figured id write a post for mrs lucy luc since shes wondering whats going on with me! what have i been up too well not to much really just life. i went and got my hair done on sunday and i love it, very manageable and more blonde wich is more to my liking :)
iv been feeling pretty good for the most part, i have my days but dont we all. i did have to go to the emergency room 2 weeks ago because of my darn gallbladder again and if i had known they can give you something for the pain i would have went all the time instead of dealing with it. i was in lala land after they doped me up, it was great lol and since then no attacks so i hope and pray i dont have one anytime soon. anything brings it on anymore, those attacks i hadnt eaten anything or drank anything to bring it on. the emergency room dr was sooooo nice too and good looking lol!
i went to a jewlery party last week, my first time it was lia sophia jewlery and i have to say the stuffs pretty nice, it was fun. i am helping to host one in august with my sister n law so that should be intresting. when i told some people i had went to a jewlery party because i was inviting them to the one im hosting and when i showed them my new hair cut they called me spoiled. okay i might be spoiled in someways but not always only when we have some extra cash. i dont no why i let it bug me so much, its my life , dont be jealous because my boyfriend treats me good! but i think alot of it has to do with because i dont have to work and they do and so my boyfriend buys me things when we have extra cash like i said. i really need to quit letting people bring me down and making me feel bad for what i have, dont i deserve a good life without being considered spoiled? i didnt always appreciate my life but i appreciate everything now!
anyway............. my son gets out of school on the 16th and after that i dont no what we are gonna do, hes gonna be bored out of his mind staying at home with mommy all day lol. he will be going to kindergarden next year, time is just a flyin by.
i have a wedding to go to this weekend its beachy casual dress so that works just not sure what to wear but im sure ill find something. my boyfriend doesnt wanna go so ill just be going and thats fine with me, will be nice to catch up with some friends. well thats all i feel like writing right now im gonna go take a nap im still tired. hey lucy my tomatoe plants seem to be doing okay i have a couple flowers on the one! oh and my boyfriends boss gave us a big wooden well that i put in my flower garden, love it! my hanging flower pots arent doing so good though for some reason, even watered them every day or other like u should and they are dying!!!!! okay well im gonna go, hope everyone is well im really behind on blogs , will catch up one day. hugs