Friday, July 10, 2009

soooooo its been awhile yet again lol! im doing pretty good just taking it day by day!

my boyfriend is suppose to be in the demolition derby the end of this month at the fair and so hes been trying to get his car done, has to tear alot of stuff out. so iv been going swimming at his cousins while hes doing that, love getting in a pool, well a inground pool! its very good for strengthing my legs wich i need! after i get done swimming im soooooo tired and have accually fell asleep sitting there in the chair drying off lol.

tomm( saterday) is me and my boyfriends 7yr anniversary, im sooooo happy! this is my longest relationship iv ever had, normally only last almost a yr, so this is an accomplishment! i love this man with all my heart! hes been there for me thrue my bad times being sick and just has always taken such good care of me and my son! we are planning on going out to dinner somewheres nice, not sure where yet. well somewhere he can still wear jeans and a nice shirt, the man hates to dress up :(

on the sad front my sister whom i use to be close with we are no longer close and i really truley have no idea why. we had the fall out back in feb over something stupid and it took over a month to talk again but i thought things were fine. seen her on easter and things were fine and ever since then she just doesnt have time for me or my son. i havent accually talked to her, heard her voice in like 2 months. weve maybe exchanged emails like 3 times since may. she just always sayd she's sooooo busy, i say bullshit! i realize people get busy but that doesnt mean stop talking to the ones you love. and i called her out on it because my son is upset that he never sees her anymore and she doesnt talk to him. hes 5, he was soooo close to her and then she does this, i dont think its right. all i ask from her is to see her once a month for couple hrs i really dont think thats too much to ask. shes like a mother to me but now im being pushed to the side till she has time for me. i let her no how i was feeling and how hurt i am and what did i get as a repley back...... nothing its been 2 weeks since i wrote her and shes said nothing so shes avoiding the issue. so i say forget it! im tired of people never being there for me, i try so hard to be there for the people i love, its really not that hard. shes soooo busy she went to boston couple weeks ago for the weekend for the heck of it for no reason, i say thats bullshit! thats the word of the day i guess! so i warned her the more you push me away the more ill stay away and when you finally do have time for me i wont be here, im like that with everyone. anyway it hurts it sucks and iv gotta quit dwelling on it.

things have been just really good around here otherwise and im loving life! i hope everyone else is doing good, gotta catch up on blogs, same ole story right lol. have a good weekend. hugs