Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hot and humid!

IM so glad i dont have to be out in the heat or work in it, id never last! iv been spoiled by the a/c! iv been a busy girl or i should say busyier, i never truly have a busy life wich thats the way i like it. thats why i live in the country now its a slower way of life lol.

we went to the fair over the weekend and that was a great time! my boyfriend was in the demilition derby and he made out pretty good but didnt win. his car didnt get beat up too bad so he was able to use the car the next nite in the derby, he didnt drive it though a friend did. then he sold the car to a scrap company that was there. two years ago they gave us $250 for the deby car this year only $75 that sucks! the price for scrap metel sure has went down.

helped host a jewlery party and that was fun, i didnt get any free stuff :( but lots of discounts!
this sunday we are going to a seafood festival with my good friend and that should be fun. i plan on tasting some aligater nuggets i seen they will have hmmmmmmm wonder what they taste like?
overall life is good, talking to my sister again, we arent close close like we use to be and it doesnt upset me like it use to but we are talking and shes spending time with my son again. she says hes such a joy to be around and never a problem!

i havent been been feeling well latley i dont no what is up. i no my muscle test arent good and arent getting anybetter but iv always pretty much felt the same but these past 2 weeks iv just felt BAD! my body pain normally goes away when i take my meds but its been really bad to the point that i want pain pills thats all i think about because tylonal just isnt cutting it anymore. headaches glore and just feel nausea. almost like the flue except no throwing up! guess its time to get blood work done , i havent had it done in a month , and see whats going on. well heres your entry lucy, glad you check up on me to see if im a live just kidding! i hope everyone has a good week. hugs