Sunday, August 1, 2010

rough nite!

SO the sleep study wasnt bad but it was a rough nite, i hardley slept. The woman who was to hook all the wires up to me and watch me etc she was awesome so friendly! i love when you get a nice friendly person because it really helped me to not be nervous. the room looked nothing like i thought it would it looked like a hotel room, had a full size sleep number bed. i got there at 9 had to get some blood drawn and sign some papers and by time she hooked all the wires up it was like after 10:30 so i layed there and read my book, she had to come back in my room a few times because a wire came loose. she was really watching me because theres a video thing pointed at the bed and everytime i moved or the one time i itched my finger she came on the intercom and wanted to make sure the thing she put on my hand wasnt bothering me.i went to sleep at 1 but took awhile to fall alseep i woke up at 2 and went to the bathroom. back in bed it took me forever to fall back asleep but before i new it it was 6 and she was waking me up. i told her i felt like i didnt sleep at all she told me i did reach the stage of deep sleep she didnt think i would. so hopefully i will find out soon if i have to do it again and with the mask on. luckley if i have to go back I will have her again as she works the weekends.

so i came home today and bf got me breakfast i was starving i stayed up a bit and then went to sleep till 1pm. i feel more rested now lol

so guess who is napping now the bf! just when i wanted to go somewheres, oh well.

not much to this weekend it was what it was but at least i got my appts done. later


Emmi said...

Hubby had to do the sleep test to. He has a slight case of sleep apnea. Has a breathing machine but he never uses it. Hope they can tell you something soon. Hugs!

Tawnya said...

I am so glad that the lady was nice! I am glad for you that it is over as well.

Missie said...

I went thru the sleep studies last year. Ended up having sleep apnea and end up using a machine. I hated it. I could not sleep with a mask on my face. Fortunatly, after losing 50 pounds, I no longer need it. Wish you luck.