Thursday, August 12, 2010

busy girl

Well iv been a busy girl with drs appts and such so havent felt like writing!
i had a mri done and catscan recently. come to find out the GI DR said i probobly didnt have any stones in my bile duct......... and so i had another mri done and BAM i have multiple stones in my bile duct! :( now i have to have a ERCP done, im having it done the 25th! im nervous, iv never had any kind of surgery before. im scheduled as long as everything goes okay with ERCP to have my gallbladder removed september 1st. so had catscan done on tuesday and im waiting on results for that, they wanted to see about the mass's on my lungs i guess to see if they are still there or got bigger????? also found out tuesday when i seen the surgeon and she was going over my last catscan report that it said i had Pneumonia . well that catscan was done the 1st week of june and may 1st i was very sick for what seemed like forever so i had this for at least a month if not longer and no one told me till now. if its gone now it would be because iv been on a antibiotic for 2 yrs now, so also dont no how i got it! so this recent catscan i got done tuesday is to also make sure i still dont have it.

I really hate when i find things out all late and wrong!

sleep study again on saterday OH joy!

lung dr/pulminary test next week, then following week, appt with lung dr again plus surgery then following week surgery again!

im really not liking the month of august right now! i hope they dont add anymore test to my list i cant take no more!!!!

Boyfriend and his boss's family wanna go to hershey park next week or soon before school starts. i could care less, i cant ride rides and i cant do all that walking so really its no fun for me. plus its exspensive $50 some dollers and not even gonna ride rides! im sure if they go ill end up going just cause i dont wanna be left out lol. ill have to get a scooter or something, geez i can see it now!

also what sucks is my surgery thats on the 25th well thats the first day of school for my son, going into 1st grade. im gonna miss that :( im hoping my sister can get him on the bus for me.

well thats my life these days not the greatest at the moment! I do have faith that in the end things will be better and hopefully i'll be a little better. i hope everyone is doing well, iv been slacking on blogs :( later


Emmi said...

big hugs honey. Ya know, you could have your sister take pictures & video tape son getting on the bus so you don't miss the moment fully. Good luck on the 25th.

Amaris said...

Good luck with everything you have coming up. I hope all your tests are kind to you :)

Missy said...

Hi Tracy. It has been a while... 'm so sorry to hear about all this that is going on!! It's simply too much. Hey instead of going to Hershey Park or whatever, just stay home and relax. Im sure the family would understand considering all of this.. at least I would hope so. Im so sorry you will miss your son's first day of first grade but you do need to get yourself better. Have your sister take some pics for you. Take care.. -Missy

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