Monday, August 16, 2010

Had an okay weekend iv gotta really think about what we did my brain is shot these days, i have a hard time remembering things lol!

saterday we ended up going school shopping and that is a nightmare! my son is big for his age and he wears size husky pants. went to old navy and they had one pair of jeans left in his size and husky. i guess im gonna have to shop around real hard cause husky goes fast. i did find him one pair of husky size at the thrift store and they were like new! i scored 2 like new shirts for myself. got a bookbag and so still have to get sneakers and school supplies! Man getting stuff for school gets worse every year and more exspensive grrrrr.

went to my fathers afterwards and my older brother was there, havent seen him in months or my father for that matter, we arent close. it was a nice visit though and for once my father who normally acts like everything is okay nothings wrong with me etc , he was acting very worried about me for a change. when i got to leaving he gave me a hug and said everything will be alright, it was wierd but nice!

my sis came over too and offered to take my son for couple days so i said sure i aint no dummy, take him! lol me and my boyfriend ended up going out to a nice dinner and coming home, to tired to go out and do anything else.

so i thought yay ill have a few days kid free............ Hes BACK HOME ALREADY!:(
my sis called today and said he was crying and kept saying he missed me and wanted to come home. i tried to talk to him and see whats going on but he wont give me a straight answer. he started this crying stuff when spending the nite at someone elses like a month ago. he use to love staying at people houses but after couple hrs or one nite he wants to come home. i think hes worried about me , im not tottally sure and it could be something else but i think he hears too much about things going on.

my family is CRAZY! i come to find out they are all talking about me behind my back like im on my death bed and talking about whos getting the kid WTH! first off im not dead and hope to not die for a veryyyyyy long time and whats going on with me is still uncertain so dont jump to conclusions geez! plus he has a daddy and hes a good one you cant just take him from him. my boyfriend aka the daddy heard all this hes the one who told me and he just shakes his head and is not letting it get to him.

so my goal or plans this week is to call my rhemy drs office and get them on the ball about getting my medical records to the lung dr because even after iv told them over a month or so ago to do so they havent. i have a appt with lung dr thursday and so i need them sent by then. next i need to call the surgeon and see what the results are from my catscan done last tuesday and pray to god its good news!
and just do some things around here that need to be done.

well im getting sleepy i hope everyone has a good week. later


Amaris said...

I bet back to school shopping can be very frustrating -- and expensive! So glad I don't have to worry about that.

Glad to read you had a nice visit with your dad and brother. Having lost both my parents and two siblings, let me remind you to treasure every minute with them.

Missy said...

I'm glad you and your bf had a chance to get out together... and yeah back to school is always hectic.

That's messed up that your family was talking like that. Sounds like something mine would do. Sometimes people don't know how to handle themselves when they are worried though.

Take Care

Emmi said...

The only thing I really have to worry about is what subject to order. I know what you mean about the husky size though. My son before he went into men's size was husky & the only place I could find them was at Walmart.