Friday, January 16, 2009

going out tonite.........i hope

sooooooooo im trying to go out tonite for karaoke, iv gotta get out of this house and see people!!!! lol. just waiting to hear back from my wonderful sis n law if shes gonna babysitt for me, if not just might have to leave bf at home since hes will be home by 3 today and make him babysitt! im having a much better day then yesterday, yesterday was mood swing central for me. im still waiting to hear back from drs office for my blood work results, i did it last friday and here its friday so i no they have the results they just always take their good ole time calling me grrrrrrrrr. i just wanna no how im doing and if they are gonna lower my predisone im at 60 mil and have been for 4 months now, we got down to 40 mil before that and i started doing bad so we had to up it back up but like i said as long as results come back good we can lower it wich would be sooooo nice. i have so many side effects from that pill it just aint right lol. so whats for dinner folks? im having chicken that i cooked in crockpot and pulled it apart and put barbaque sauce all over it, not sure what im having on the side though. me and bf got into it yesterday cause i asked him does he love me, we ask this of one another sometimes and most times he'll say something smartass thats just him and i do the same. but he told me he loves me but sometimes he hates me with a passion and i was like are you serouis and he was like yes, i just burst out crying cause that really hurt my feelings but it was a mood swing day, i was like how can you say that and he realized how hurt i was and he said that he shouldnt have put it that way but i get what hes saying theres days when he makes me soooooo mad i say i hate you and feel just like i really do but once i calm down i realize i dont and apologize. he did apologize for saying it that way and was hugging on me wich is not like him so i felt better and later that day he did say that he appreciates me and doesnt always tell me or show it but he appreciates all i do. now thats saying alot coming from him cause he doesnt exspress himself much or compliment me, he only only says something when i do something wrong or look like crap etc. i just for some reason latley need to no im loved and feel love, i always feel like im alone............... oh oh i hope im not having another moodswing lol. im okay today really...............i think i just think to much. well hope you all stay warm and have a great weekend. HEY HOW COME NO IS LEAVING ME A VOICE MESSAGE, IM NOT FEELIN THE LOVE PEOPLE LOL. HUGS


garnett109 said...

enjoy your night out

Missie said...

I left you a voice comment.

Have a good time tonight.

Jill Marie said...

Hm, if I was brave I'd call and leave you a wee kareoke message. LOL
Have a great night out. Wish I could get out, not likely though. Maybe I'll have the ol' man hook the kareoke machine up for me and sing a little Tanya Tucker.
Have fun!

Missy said...


I hope you get to make karaoke tonight and I also hope that your blood work turns out okay.

My boyfriend is affectionate. I couldn't be with a guy that isn't. I can relate with the way he says thing because mine does too. I don't cry though.. I beat him up! lol j/k


Jamie said...

Hope you made it out and had a great time. You deserve a break!!!

I wish those darn doctors would get back to you already with some great, great news.

Take care.

Christy said...

I have a blog award for you on my blog!!! :)

Lucy said...

You sound so good Tracy. Hope it lasts for a day or 2. lol Mood swings are going to be part of your life with the prednisone Tracy but it is the only thing you can really do for now. Be like my son was, be thankful for the good days. Lucy