Wednesday, April 22, 2009

and another week has gone by........

Well what to say what to say hmmmmmm........
the weathers been pretty nice around here except for the rain showers, could do without that!
had to go to baltimore on monday to see a specialist and that was a nightmare for me lets just leave it at that but thank god its over!

i got a letter in the mail and iv been picked for jury duty. now some of you this would be fun or whatever lol but not to me, im trying to get out of it. this brings on anxiety real bad lol, i really do hope i can get out of it at this time!

i do have some fun things coming up soon wich im excited about. going over a friends house saterday for some drinks and catching up so i hope it turns out good and next friday may 1st going to west virginia with some family to go camping! now camping isnt really my thing but they want me to go so i figure going for the weekend wont kill me, i wont be sleeping in a tent i will be sleeping in a camping trailer thank god! im just looking forward to being in the open woods, field whatever you wanna call it and enjoying the senery and fire etc. i hope i make it back without getting eatin by a grizzy bear lol. they told me you hear all the animals at nite, that really makes me feel what else what else?????? when i wait to long to write i forget all i had to say dang it! been busy here trying to get rid of stuff, cleaning out the house and giving on freecycle. but again freecyle just really irritates me with some of the greedy a$$ people on there, i wont go any further it will just make me mad. i hope everyones week is going good and have a good day. tata


garnett109 said...

Being disabled and having copd gets me out of jury duty every time!

Missie said...

Luckily, because I homeschool my son, I always get out of jury duty!

I wish you luck!!

It's Just Katie! said...

I wanted to be picked but no such luck. Sounds like some fun and exciting adventures are coming your way. Enjoy yourself and be careful. Take care and have fun,

Anonymous said...

Yep, being disabled is definitely a bonus when it comes to jury duty (giggle giggle) hopefully you will be able to share the details when it's over :)

Lucy said...

Good for you that you are getting away. Jury duty was never my thing either but you know since I first registered to vote many years ago I have never been asked and I do not want to start now. I am recuperating from my great grandson slowly but surely. Poor little guy, If I went at that speed I would be crabby to. Lucy

Anonymous said...