Monday, April 27, 2009

its a beautiful , HOT day here! the bummbel bee's were trying to run me off my porch this morning. i wait on the porch to see my son off to school on the bus but there was so many bee's they were freaking me out! im a just alittle scared of em! they decided to build a nest somewhere and make home but they gotta go. i called bf and told him youve gotta do something because i cant deal with bee's wizzing by my head lol.

Had a good weekend, really didnt do to much because it was just to darn hot! saterday nite went to a friends house for drinks and i had 4 wine coolers and all it did to me was make tired lol. i guess i cant hang like i use too. use to be able to drink couple beers or something and get drunk but now i just get tired :P dont need to get drunk though to have fun. today was my fathers stress test, i hope it went or is going good. im not sure what time his appt was, my sister is suppose to call me and let me no how things went.

im going to the eye drs tomm at walmart and lets see how blind iv become. i normally wear glasses now to read or drive at nite, but iv been needing them to watch tv so that its not so blurry. i dont like the glasses i have now, dont like the frames. so im excited to pick a new pair that i will be comfortable wearing at any time.

im getting excited about this friday, its D Day, i go camping in west virginia. im still not to kean on the camping part even if its in a camping trailer, just looking forward to getting away. theres 10 of us going i believe and we are leaving 4am friday mornin. so ill be sleeping alot of the way there im sure lol its 6hrs away. well not much more to say, hope everyone is having a good day.
heres a link to a song i recorded. janie got me addicted to this now, so i had to try it out. hugs


Jamie said...

Hi Tracy...I hope your dad's test went well for him. That's some pretty scary stuff he's dealing with.

I get the same thing when I drink. I just get tired and want to go to bed. Then if I don't I get this huge headache. Man, I remember the days when I could drink for days. Lol.

I hope you have a great camping trip. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures once you get back. Have fun.

garnett109 said...

leave the bees alone they are a dying breed.

Janie said...

I am just like you Tracy when it comes to bees! They love to chase me. I am scared of them and a person gives off a scent when they are scared. I have tried not to be scared of them the last couple of years and that has helped a little. lol I love the taste of rasberry wine coolers!! lol I don't like the taste of beer or anything else. I can't drink but about 2 of them. :) Never have drank that much. Hope you have a good time on your trip.

LOL Too funny Tracy! I have 14 songs on there now. haha! Need a sound card and would sound better. I will sure check it out. Will have Terry Ann check it out too. Thanks for leaving link. It is fun, isn't it? Very addictive! Hugs, Janie

Lucy said...

Hey there my girl. My hubby should go get his eyes checked. How is your dad doing.? I can not handle bees either. Would you believe I used to be able to have a few beers. Now I would not be able to drink one. I have a hard enough time staying upright. lol Hey maybe I ought to try one, may be able to walk straight. Lucy
Second thought, Don't think so. lol

Janie said...

Hi Tracy, Go to SingSnap and sign in. Click on my picture or my name. My profile page will show. At the top on the left side.. it will have different links. Click recordings and it will take you to my recordings. I just sang Wayward Wind this evening. lol Hugs, Janie

Janie said...

Here is the link Tracy.
Don't know if it will work. lol Hugs, Janie

Lucy said...

Have a great day Tracy. You are such a sweetie. Now I am waiting for test results. Lucy

Lucy said...

WellTracy, I got a report back from the neurologist and spine and neck and hips are full of arthritis and nhe will leave it up to my doctor to decide what to do. At least it is not the crippling kind. I have a very temperamental hubby and with this wiper problem you can imagine what it has been like. You take care Tracy. Lucy