Thursday, April 9, 2009

a warm day

Hello Hello,
its been awhile since i wrote but really nothing new going on i dont think. its a beautiful day here and in the 60's or its suppose to be, i havent been out yet. im meeting a girl off here today shes coming by to get some books i have, so hopefully that meeting goes well. im always nervous meeting someone new but hey you gotta do it sometime.

iv got such bad heartburn and a raging headache , i think ill survive, i hope!

iv got alot of drs appts this month, not my thing. i have to see regular dr tomm to fill out paperwork, then next week to see specialist then week after that have to drive to baltimore to see another specialist ugh! im swelling up so bad and gaining alot of weight and just HATE IT! with my illness i always swell but its been so much worse since i was put on a pill once a week for my bones amonth ago. why cant i fight one battle at a time instead of dealing with my weight too!
my sister is finally talking to me and we hashed out everything and im happy, one thing less to stress about. one really exciting thing in my life is we are getting new couches, yay me! never had new furniture always buy used and are couch was functional but seeing better days so we had a screw it moment one day and went and looked at couches and bought a reclining sofa and reclining loveseat. now my problem is the waiting, they said like 4, 6 weeks!!!!!! i hate waiting on things youve already payed for, but i no it will be worth it!

i live in a duplex and come to find out my neighbors are moving sometime soon, not real happy about that. i mean we didnt talk much it was a young girl who lives there shes 27 and her husband whos gone all the time but she really keeps to herself alot. thats nice but then would like someone to move in who i could hang out with or form some relationship with since im home all the time! she was or is a little crazy or maybe thats not nice to say but i use to order avon from her and then one day around christmas she just stopped selling to me and hasnt talked to me since, i dont even no what i did wrong, talks to my bf though. then they say they are moving because someone at nite when they let the dogs out are pointing them red pointer lights at them and throwing rocks, peeking in the windows etc . say what! iv never heard of such a thing, iv lived here for almost 4 yrs and never have had a problem so far thank god! but she is bypolar and stuff so who no's. hopefully its not really true cause i dont wanna start being scared living here.
going to karaoke with my friend this saterday from 4-8 and it will be the first time going out without boyfriend, everywhere i go he goes but it will be nice for him to do his own thing and me do my thang. no plans for easter unfortuanally, it will just be another day around here wich is sad! wish i could get my family together but that aint gonna happen. well gonna quit ranting and do some laundry. hope everyone has a great day and wonderful easter! hugs


garnett109 said...

Enjoy your Easter!

Lucy said...

Have a Happy Easter. I have a ton of paperwork to fill out to for my bone density test. Take care

It's Just Katie! said...

Just wanted to stop in to wish you and yours a Happy Easter. Enjoy your Today,

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy! Aw, I hope you feel better soon. Having a heart burn is definitely NO FUN. I never experienced one until I was pregnant with my son, then I got a heart burn from grape juice and pepperoni. Crazy aint it?

I am so glad to see that you are getting along with your sister, that is great news!!

Lucy said...

Have a great day. Lucy

Lucy said...

Hope you are feeling better and felt well enough to enjoy your easter. Lucy

Lucy said...

Sounds a little off the waLL. Red lights, peeking in windows. I don't think that sounds to normal. Hope I can make my topsy turvy work. Take care of you my girl. I know how tierd of not feeling well you get. You do great with all the problems you have.

Lucy said...

Hope you are having a good day, missy. Lucy

Lucy said...

I got rid of a headache today in more ways than one. I uninstalled ALL AOL products and then the fun will start Mon. when I WANT MY BILLING STOPPED. It is through Time warner cable so I will start there. Lucy

Anonymous said...