Monday, July 19, 2010

case of the dizzys

Iv been dizzy for days but today was really bad! i wonder if its from me not taking that one med anymore that i ran out of hmmmmmmm, i really gotta get that straightend out. im just tired of getting the run around and i really just cant concentrate.

had a tomatoe sandwich with the farm tomatoes i bought , added some light mayo and yummo! i dont think i will ever ever buy a tomatoe at the grocery store again, they just seem to be so flavorless.

The band saterday nite was pretty good and i enjoyed myself, even had a corona w/ lime. okay i had 1 n 1/2 corona w/lime lol. i couldnt finish it all and it was making feel ick! i sat there from 830 till i guess 12 something. buy time i got home i was swelled up and hurting like a mofo!

a cool thing that happened though is the lady in the band came up to me and said your awesome and i was like huh??? she said i remember you from karaoke and you sing really good. i finally figured out why she looked formilure. iv only met her once and that was 3 yrs ago but YEA she remembered me right away lol. the band is having a summer bash next month at their home and will be having other bands there as well. she said i could get up and sing some songs with the band if i wanted, so cool!

Have plans to go out again this saterday with some friends hope i feel good enough!

my son lost his 2nd tooth last nite, thank god! hes been so whiny here latley and complaining about that tooth so im glad its out! iv just gotta try to play tooth fairy again , its a hard thing to do. if i go near him when hes sleeping sometimes he wakes up, so then i cant slip the money under the pillow. TRUST ME I TRIED LAST nite with no luck! i will try again here in a bit.

tuesday i see the surgeon for my consultation on getting my gallbladder out, i hope it goes well. i hate seeing new drs!!!! then later that nite is the seminar i have to go to for weight loss surgery. i filled out the 17 pages tonite that i have to turn in.

i hope i feel better this week cause this sucks, i was just starting to feel good...... hope everyone has a great week. later


Amaris said...

Sounds like you had a great week-end! That tomato sandwich sounded sooo good! I haven't had one in years. I may have to try a farmer's market, because I can't find a good tomato in the grocery store anywhere.

Lucy said...

I hope you feel better to Tracy. That is a bummer day in and day out. Glad you got out. I son't buy tomato's from the store. I do without till some kind soul like my son gives me some garden tomato's. They were saying last night that everyone is complaining that it has been so wet they rot before they ripen.

Emmi said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Sing your heart out! I love our home grown tomatoes much better than store bought too ...

garnett109 said...

glad you had some fun

ChristineKingery said...

That's sweet that the girl from the band recognized you! Good luck with the gallbladder surgery and the consult about the weight loss surgery!

*Christie* said...

Sorry Tracy, I didnt have the follow widget installed on my blog, but I will go add it :)