Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I feel so sick.......
i no its just a case of the nerves! i get my echo cardio gram done in couple hrs and im not so much worried about that, well at least i think im not.

i have to go to the hospital to get this done by myself wich i hate, im use to my side kick aka my bf going with me to appts. he couldnt get off work early today though so i gotta be a big girl AND go by myself. i hate having anxiety it really sucks, makes me so nervous to just do the simple things in life, going places.

tonites burger/karaoke nite so i gotta see when bf is getting off work and if he wants to go.

i dont even really wanna talk about my weight right now but i gotta face the facts im gaining :( i dont no why im eating the same i was, nothings changed and i was loosing but now iv gained alot and feel like crap more than i normally feel like my crappy self! im gonna do all i can to eat good and see what happens and if i dont start loosing again im gonna chalk it up to my body being so screwed up right now with the problems i got.

well gotta go and hit the shower,a nice hot shower always makes you feel alittle better! later


Anonymous said...

Hope your appointment goes well. Sorry you have to go alone :(

ChristineKingery said...

Good luck with your appointment!!

Am I allowed to make a suggestion, since you said you're not losing? If you're going out for "burger night" tonight....take the bun off the burger and eat the burger with a knife and fork. And replace the fries with a salad.


Emmi said...

Sorry you have to go alone. Wish I lived closer, I'd go with you. Gaining weight totally sux, just now starting to lose again as you know. I thought I was eating the same way but lately I'm realizing I wasn't! My portions were growing and I was having take out more than I was when I was losing. Are you taking different meds? Sometimes meds can mess up your weight loss efforts. Christine had a good idea about losing the bun. Lately instead of eating the bun I'll wrap the burger in lettuce leaves. Cuts calories & adds a veggie. Big hugs sweetie. Good luck at the Dr.'s

*Tracy* said...

thanks for the good advice about burger nite and taking off the bun. but accually even though its burger nite at this place i get a grilled chicken sandwich dont like red meat much lol but could take the bun off that too! thanks