Thursday, July 29, 2010

iv got the greatest man

I no iv said it alot but i just love my boyfriend, hes the best!

He ended up getting off early today, hes a truck driver. even though he was tired and falling a sleep when he sat down he went with me to my appt at the hospital, didnt even have to ask him! i love him so much and appreciate how much he does for me. if only others could be so blessed! ARE YOU READY TO THROW UP YET OVER THIS LOVE FEST LOL

the echo cardio gram wasnt too bad but dont like my boobies all out but i guess i need to get over that! they make you take your shirt off and no bra and put a gown on open in the front so that was alittle uncomfortable. i have no clue what i was looking at on that screen but i heard my heart so i no i do have one! lol i just hope everything looked good, fingers crossed!

we didnt end up going to burger/karaoke nite, bf was to tired and plus we really didnt wanna spend the money as we will be going to the fair tomm nite.
when we go to burger nite even though its build your own burger i normally get a grilled chicken sandwich as i dont like read meat much. i got a great comment on here about when i get a burger to take the bun off and thats a great idea and i could do that with the chicken as well, iv never done it but could deffiently start! any comment as long as its not mean is welcome here, im verrrrrry easy going! lol

oh has anyone ever had purple green beans????? we got some today from a friend and they said when you cook them they turn like a dark green. iv said many many times before i dont no how to cook good and iv never cooked fresh beans before just can lol so iv gotta figure out how to do this. we also got 100 ears of corn! couldnt pass up the deal, we will deffiently be freezing alot. well off to read some blogs before i crash, im getting sleepy! later


garnett109 said...

enjoy your weekend

Emmi said...

I love when others are in love. My hubby is always doing little things for me thats unexpected, sweet,loving. Love is sometimes gushy and I wouldn't want it any other way.

ChristineKingery said...

Whew! I'm glad my suggestion didn't upset you! But you can save so many calories if you just nix the bun!

Your BF is so sweet for going with you to your appointment! I give him a standing ovation for good BF-ness for the day!

100 ears of corn?! Holy guacamole! that's a LOT! You're going to end up with corn soup, corn salad, corn salsa, corn bread, etc etc. sounds delicious though!


Lucy said...

Joe wants to go with me to my appointment tomorrow but mostly because he worries about the car. lol I wish I was there to watch you cook purple green beans. I have never heard of them.

Lucy said...

I had to do some serious thinking but I posted my results today.

Lucy said...
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