Thursday, July 15, 2010

the sun is out!

This good mood today is brought to you by the SUN! its finally out! OH and it helps that iv lost 7lbs since yesterday lol. i tell you when i swell i swell.

i dont really have much to say but thought i write something anyhow. im just sitting here listening to some music.

had some yummy lowfat eggrolls! iv been craving chinese so bad, i dream of the buffet at nite haha.

incase you hadnt noticed im always all over the place when i write...... im the same way in my life, like when your talking to me. one minute we can be talking about something and ill jump to something else and then back to what we were talking about before. i guess i do that because ill forget what i have to say lol. although i do that when i shop as well. i see a shirt and keep going back to it like a couple times before i can truley make up my mind.

well gonna go, later!


Emmi said...

Holy crap ... 7 pounds?! That's flipping awesome. Big congrats to you. May the swelling stay away forever.

garnett109 said...

the sun will be until dark

Tawnya said...

I am so glad that you lost 7 pounds!! Yay!