Saturday, March 20, 2010

curse you tuna fish!!!

OMG im dieing here of heartburn! i had my favorite tuna with pickles sandwich for dinner and thought all is good, should have known........... we had tuna last nite also and i was fine all nite, bf however was up all nite in pain from hearburn and i was like oh im fine, im great! me and my big mouth, now tonite im in pain! i took a chewable rolaid and take a prolisec everyday as it is cause i have tummy troubles but nuthin is helping!!

so went to movies last sunday and seen the movie alice and wonderland and it wasnt tooo bad, it was 3D wich that i thought could be better, it was my first time seeing something like that and i wasnt impressed :(

iv been dealing with ankle/foot pain ever since sunday and having trouble walking had no clue what the heck i could have done to my foot . iv stayed off it as much as possible this week and its feeling better so hopefully it stays that way.

i am just loving this warm weather but yet without my jacket i feel naked, like something is missing! like i said im trying to adapt to warmer weather even though im not feelin to hot about myself right now with this weight gain and clothes not fitting! im stressing on what the heck im gonna wear because my summer clothes i doubt will fit and ill be darn if im gonna go buy new ones....... might buy some new shirts though just for the heck of it :P i stay the same size up top pretty much i just gain mostly in the dreaded middle ugh!
gonna quit talking about weight gain now as its depressing and i really dont no what i can do at this point but deal.

i have no clue what we are doing this weekend, bf is working saterday till who no's when but hopefully sunday he will take us out! i wanna go to big lots, maybe ill make it there. i do have lunch/dinner plans with some friends on sunday so looking forward to that. we are suppose to be going to hibachi grill buffet. iv only been there one time but loved it, love all the choices.

well guess thats it for now.......... heres to a sunny beautiful weekend. hugs


Lucy said...

Hey Tracy!!! You wrote and I found out again what the name of your blog was! I had hid your blog on my list and for the life of me I could not remember the name of it. Heartburn is terrible I usually use prevacid and also mylanta. You are lookimg good in that picture. Glad you are getting better. Will you ever be over that stuff you have?

Tawnya said...

I have heartburn too but have started doing Pepcid complete which works well for me! Your lunch/dinner plans sound yummy! You will have to post the website if they have one.Thanks for visiting me over at Transplanted. Have a great weekend!