Friday, March 26, 2010

hot flashes!!!!

Im having a hotflash right now and its driving me crazy! wheres a fan when u need one lol
i accually get hotflashes alot but normally during the day. it starts off as chills and then about an hr or 2 later iv got like hotflashes where im sweating but cold, does that make any sense......:P

iv got a drs appt tomm with my reg dr, just to update him on stuff and see about getting some different meds for my stomache and this heartburn always, what i take just doesnt seem to be working as good anymore. i dont no why but i get nervous going to the dr, maybe cause i never no what hes gonna say hmmmmm

im watching tv and nuthin good on but i have a craving to eat something, whats up with that?why do i want to eat just because im watching tv, its way to late so not even gonna do it!

okay as you can see by this post i dont have much to say im all over the place......... oh wait i no what i wanted to say. so im home all day and yea yea its my job to clean be the mom, cook yada yada, because my bf works. this isnt the old days...... why is it if i ask for a little help, like just vacuum the living room floor or something little its like im asking something crazy. again i get that im home all day but i also have a medical condition that leaves me tired, weak and just not feelin good most of the time, so me asking for a little help, what is wrong with that! i cleaned last nite more than usual and i was in so much pain afterward and tired and just miserable, i hate when i have stuff to do because i get overwelmed so easly and if i dont get it all done i feel like i didnt accomplish anything! i also get upset when theres 2 other people here who could help me just a little, just a little thats all im asking. we need to spring clean and throw some stuff out etc and i told bf last nite I AM NOT DOING THIS ALL BY MYSELF, i need help and im not the only one who lives here and if he dont help me im gonna pay someone to help lol. he didnt have much to say on that, i dont think he really wants me to pay someone lol

well no plans for the weekend so who no's what we will end up doing.......... have a good one!


Lucy said...

Tracy, you do have problems. I wonder if you should talk to your doctors and see about making sure that they can continue being your doctor since the health reform started. I think medicare is the one that is going to get cut the most as for money to cope with everyone. We have the advantage plan for seniors with Secure Horizons and they don't pay for crap any way. I do think with time it is going to smooth out but I wish they had kept the public option. Your puppy is cute!!