Saturday, March 20, 2010

good yet painful day!

Today was a good day! my niece called me up and asked could she come for a visit shes 18 and i do enjoy spending time with her. so she came and we went shopping at biglots but while in there my darn ankle/foot started killing me, i thought it was getting better, NOT! so needless to say i couldnt wait to get out of there! so delt with the pain and bought couple things.

next on list was to go to fashion bug because i never or rarley i should say ever get there, bought couple shirts ands and pair of capris, stuff was on sale. my ankle/ foot was dampening my enjoyment of shopping of course. i couldnt wait to get home my whole body was killing me!

got home and took a percocet and layed down, felt so much better little while later! really sucks that i cant do things like use to, use to be able to shop all day, now im in pain after just a little while, i no i just have to get use to it but its hard sometimes. always think about how i use to be and feel and now to never feeling good, in pain , it just gets to me sometimes or here latley always........ oh well!

still going to lunch/dinner tomm with friends and look forward to seeing friends. hope everyones having a good weekend. today the weather was beautiful yet again :)


Tawnya said...

I too am finding that I can not do things like I used to. My back is my problem sometimes. I am glad you felt better later. Enjoy lunch!

Missie said...

Fibro really kicks my butt! I love Fashion Bug!