Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's been one of those days......... i slept in because i didnt get much sleep over the weekend and my sleeping schedule is weird anyway, thought okay the days gonna be pretty good even though its rainey and storming! well it all went down hill once my son got home from school he was a whiney , crying mess and i still dont no why, guess he was having a bad day! so he cryed and threw a fit for many hrs i was going insane, hes 6yrs old. i was trying to cook dinner and clean up things and dealing with that can really urk me. i had a headache and it just wasnt helping! then the dog got loose outside, i have a 6 month old bichon/poodle puppy and shes white and like i said it rained today!!! so she got loose out front and needless to say she got muddy, i wasnt happy! so i had to get her all cleaned up......... then i was cooking hamburger meat for dinner, wasnt sure what i was going to do with it but it ended up not being good so i had to throw the 2pounds out! it smelled fine in the package but was a little brown but when i was cooking it it just didnt smell right so didnt wanna take any chances. i ended up cooking some salisbury steak with mash potatoes and corn. wrote some checks for bills, I HATE DOING THAT BYE BYE MONEY! thought okay things have settled down...... wrong! dog pees in my sons room, well that just ticked me off, she had just been taken out an hr before omg! this is my first dog and i only got her because she doesnt shed and my bf and son wanted a dog sooooo bad but im normally a cat person. i like the dog but it sure can be hard getting use to, exspecially when they have accidents in the house i hate it! so she new she was in trouble so she went to her bed(crate) and was behaved rest of the night, but she was just being so bad today, trying to knock over the kitchen trash can. some days i wish i didnt have any pets, i have a cat also and she drives me nuts with cat hair and puking everywhere with hairballs ugh. but hey you gotta love em right!

little stressed right now we are trying fo find another vehicle and planning on spending more money than we normally do. we have for years been cheap and bought junkers and just ran them till they couldnt run no more but we are tired of not having a reliable vehicle and just being able to get up and go and not have to worry on wether the car will make it that far! we dont want payments because we dont wanna get ourselves in trouble and so we like to just buy and pay cash and be done, hense cheap cars, we dont have alot of money, we dont have a money tree in the back yard lol. so we are looking at Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4x4 , its half explorer half truck, i think its cute! and it will be nice to have the truck bed if we need to haul something. i guess we will be going to dealerships soon and looking around for one of those, i hope we can fine one for a decent price. i get so nervous when spending alot of money or alot of money to me!

lunch was so nice yesterday with my girls, i love hanging with them, we always talk about the old days and the crazy stupid stuff we did! i dont get to see my friends much but we are trying to change that and get together at least once amonth wether it be lunch or whatever. next plan is spring vacation to go to lancaster outlets and shop! so hopefully i have some money and feel okay to do it. i get excited about stuff like this but then dread it when the time comes because i no its gonna wear me out and i dont wanna be in pain the whole time. i told the girls just bare with me and let me rest as we shop as much as possible. luckley my friends are very understanding and are looking out for me and dont mind me holding them up, they understand my condition! wish my family was that understanding! so anyway thats it for now just watching some tv and hopefully bed at some point. have a good week. hugs heres pics of my puppy


Tawnya said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I had a headache too. Still do. Ugh.

Reese said...

What a day you had! Today will be better :) CUTE puppy!