Saturday, March 7, 2009

beautiful saterday!

having a good day so far except for my face hurting! always does this when i take my meds late, if bf was here right now and heard me say that he would say yea its killing me! such a smart a$$, gotta love him though!
so the results from dr were that my muscle test came back high again wich means its not getting better and thats why my liver and lungs have inflammation. we are upping my meds for 2 weeks and then get bloodwork done and see what they say and if muscle test changes in good way then we will up meds again. he did lower my prednisone in mean time to 40 from 50, really wants to get me off this,. iv been on it for a year now! also hes looking to see if they have any studys going on in baltimore or pittsburg so that i can try those meds. pittsburg is far away from me, like 7, 8 hrs i think. it would only be like 4 times or so over months period so its worth it.
we went to dinner last nite at applebees with bfs cousin and wife and it was soooo fun! they are a fun couple to begin with but my son made the nite. he ate his food then went to sit next to daddy and noticed the table behind us with like 5 girls so out of the blue he starts flirting with them, waving at them, saying hey girls and just talking crazy! saying do you think im handsome etc etc. you just had to be there he had us all cracking up! on the way home he was telling my bfs cousin who he calls uncle d, he was saying you can have one girl ill have the rest! he thought he was the man lol . dinner was yummy and i had to have my onion soup as usual, man wish i could make that stuff, i think i could live off it!!
my sister still isnt talking to me but its okay, i wrote her and told her to call me and if she doesnt i can only do so much, im trying here but also not going to give in completly when i did nothing wrong. thats what she wants but what she dont realize is im just like her so she isnt going to get anywhere acting this way. we'll get it straightned out in the end, we always do.
dont no what we are doing today, im just sitting here listening to music. ever hear the song cupid shuffle? i love the beat, its a song that has a dance to it, but you wont catch me doing it i dont dance! love watching people dance to it though.
well thats its for now, hope everyone has a great weekend! hugs


garnett109 said...

Enjoy your Saturday!

friedmsw said...

Sounds like a great evening at Applebee's. When you talk about Baltimore, is that the National Institute of Health? Hope the docs find something soon. As for your sister, just remember that you can not control how she reacts or how she feels. I commend you for trying to make peace with her.

Lucy said...

Glad you got out and had some fun. Hope the Dr's can figure out some kind of new treatment. Hang in there girl. It sounds like your spirits are up and you are hopeful. TaKE CARE Lucy

Janie said...

Hi Tracy, sorry I haven't been around to comment and read recently. Will sure keep you in my prayers. My daughter, Terry Ann is having problems with her hands recently. You know Terry Ann. Hugs and prayers, Janie

FlipFlop Mom said...

Sounds like you did have a GREAT saturday.. good for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I hope your face feels better and your health improves. I love Applebee's too! I haven't tried that onion soup, I mainly stick to my fattening Quesadillas burger :o) shh, dont tell anyone LOL

Lucy said...

Where the heck are you on facebook. Invite me so I can find you, youngun. I am elderly and struggling.

Lucy said...

Hey Tracy, I am just checking in to say to you , have a great evening and lets go whole hog and say a great day every day of your life. Lucy