Monday, March 2, 2009


Its snowing!!!!!!! my son didnt have school today so now hes home and bugging me to go outside and build a snowman! yea right! mamma isnt leaving her nice warm house, hes going to have to wait till daddy gets home! so had a pretty nice weekend, we went out for karaoke on saterday at this place thats like a vfw. they only have karaoke once a month so i try to go and the people are pretty friendly and except us even though we arent members. gots lots of compliments on my singing too wich is always nice lol. yesterday( sunday) we went to the grocery store wich was a big mistake because everyone and their momma was there freaking out because of the snow. we were just there to do are regular grocery shopping wich we only go like every 3 weeks sometimes longer, we had nothing in this house!!!!! i dont no why we wait so long, but yesterday was deffiently not the day to go i see now.

dont have much planned this week just have to see my specialist on thurday and get my blood test results back and other results and see what he has to say yada yada..........

we got a car last week, not a new one but new to us and boyfriend is oh so happy. now he doesnt really have to drive the other car except to work, wich is on its last leg. he cant wait till july and hes going to use it in the demolition derby lol. but anyway got another car and its suppose to really be mine because im stuck at home all the time, but i havent gotten to drive it yet! :( not that i really want to though, i dont drive much and when i do it makes me nervous and anxouis . but i would like the option to drive if i wanted to is all but boyfriend cant stand not being the driver.

my sinuses are killing me today for some reason, my nose keeps burning i wish it would stopppppp! i think for the rest of the day im just going to do some laundry, change the bed sheets and get a shower and then watch a movie. we rented this movie called changeling, anyone seen it?? its based back in the 1920's i think and about a woman whos son disapears or something and they find him like years later but come to find out its not really her son. i dont no i might have that all screwed up but i think thats what the box said lol. anyway so going to watch that and thats about it. hope everyone has a great day! hugs


garnett109 said...

get one of those netti pots for your sinuses

Christy said...

I hope your sinuses feel better. I think it's the weather, b/c everyone is complaining about them.

So cool about the new car! I hope you get to drive it soon. Have a great day and let me know how that movie is. I want to see it.

kelly said...

Well I hope you feel better. that movie you're talking about I think is the one with Angelina Jolie in it.. it is supposed to be a great let me know what you think about it..
Glad to hear you guys finally got the "new car"..
hope your week is a good one

Missy said...

I saw The Changeling and thought it was a very good movie! Let me know what you thought of it.

Congrats on your car.. ha ha sorry about all the snow. We are getting it here too. I missed half a day of work until the roads cleared up for me to drive. I hope your son don't drive you nuts.

Hope you feel better soon.


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I am so sick of snow days out of school. Sorry to hear your sinuses are bothering you. Hoping some comfort and relief finds its way to you soon. Take care,

Lucy said...

Sinus problems are awful. So is getting old. Been there done that. Lucy

friedmsw said...

I have been reading up on the historical events upon which the movie The Changeling is based. Sad story....but interesting too. Sorry your sinuses have been acting up. I have to use saline spray because my nose usually stays really dry. Also, using a CPAP at night can dry my nose out too...even with a humidifier

Anonymous said...