Thursday, March 12, 2009


so hows life treating everyone??????? im doing pretty good just so darn tired this week, all i think about doing is sleeping! im miserable and down as usual too dont no if its that time of month again or what, i never no these days. i think my sister not talking to me is getting to me. accually i dont think it is i no it is!! i just dont get why shes acting this way, life is just way too short to be so petty. when we do finally talk its going to be all awkward and im not going to no what to say so shes just making it worse. BUT I REPEAT im not going to call her anymore or make anymore attempts because like i said thats what she wants, shes queen bee and wants everyone to bow down to her and im not doing it! but i miss her soooo much, its been 2 weeks now since weve talked :(

watched empire of the sun yesterday i like that movie, have you ever seen it? its a war movie and im not really into those but its about a littles boys life and so i guess they always get me because having a son of my own.

ugh iv gotta call the clothing place i ordered clothes from because its now been 2 weeks and still no clothes , why am i scared to call?????? i hate calling people back regarding bills or anything really. and to think i use to be a phone operator :P now having to call someone other than a friend or family makes me nervous and start to sweat, weird huh lol!

but other than me being a grumpy you no what life really is good right now and i feel very blessed and thankful because it could be worse. when things are going good im always waiting for the shoe to drop. boyfriend hates that about me, he says i complain when things are bad but then i complain when things are good, that im never happy. i dont no why that is............. i just always think good = bad at some point so i try not to get too excited over things. im weird what can i say. just tell me to shut up and enjoy life!lol hope everyone is having a good day, almost the weeekend. hugs


Anonymous said...

I agree, life is too short to be petty. If it's awkward, I would simply call up your sister and say, "You know what. Lets stop being petty, I love you and I want us to get along and enjoy being sisters." Sometimes, it doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right. It's about one person finally taking a step forward and breaking the ice by being humble. Pride is the number one factor why friendships are broken.

I haven't watched "Empire of the Sun" yet but if it's a war movie, my husband will love it LOL.

I hope you get your clothes soon, I have a phone phobia. I am hard-of-hearing and I never owned (or used a phone) until I was about 20 years old (2 years ago). I still avoid it as much as I can LOL. You're not alone in this one!! I had no idea you were a phone operator though, now that's hilarious :D you're a sweetie!

Missie said...

I love talking on the phone, but I have a phobia to talk one on one in person.

Have a great weekend!!

friedmsw said...

If the rift between you and your sister is really getting to you, think about calling her. I can only imagine that idea is pretty nerve-wracking. However, if you don't call you are probably going to start feeling worse. Just take and few deep breaths, pick up the phone and dial her number. If she does not respond to you that is on her....not you.

Janie said...

Life is going well but I got mad at ebay tonight! lol Going to quit going there for quite a while! lol
Gee so sorry about your sister. Will keep you in my prayers. It is really hard when we care about someone. I think the way we are is from our family tree, lot of times we just can't help the way we are. Just be you and try not to beat yourself up for the way you are. We are all different. You should like a nice caring person to me. It has to be hard staying at home all the time too. Hope things change with you and your sister. Hugs, Janie

~Ann~ said...

I hope you and your sister can patch things up. Its hard when your not talking to relatives. I hate talking on the phone to people too, especially if I don't know them. Otherwise, I will talk for hours LOL

Gotta get your clothes though.

Have a good one.

Lucy said...

Hey Tracy, glad to hear that things are not to bad with you. HaNG in there and maybe they will find the right drugs to keep you comfortable. Lucy

Lucy said...

Hope you had fun last night. You deserve it. Lucy

Lucy said...

Hey Tracy, it is warming up in Nebraska!!! Hooray Lucy

Anonymous said...

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Lucy said...

Hey Tracy, I made up with my daughter . Have not talked to her in person but we share decent emails. Try to make peas=ce. I have a son in Texas I don't think I will ever know if things are right or not. I really don't want to go to my grave without knowing he still cares just a little about me but it could happemn. Lucy

Christy said...

How are you doing this week?? BTW, I loveeeee Empire of the Sun. Christian Bale is so cute in the movie.

Lucy said...

How are you doing with that laptop. I would not know the faintest thing about it. Keep it up young un and you will conquer it. Lucy