Friday, March 12, 2010

boring day

Well today was a boring day but i was okay with that i didnt feel like doing much really! iv got a massive headache that i can feel just amovin around, now its in the back of my neck, hope it goes away soon or i wont be able to sleep. its the worst when you go sleep with a migraine and wake up and its still there ugh.

boyfriend irratated me with dinner tonite its like okay i wasnt going to cook dinner just eat some cereal and its almost 6. he pretty much nos that if i havent mentioned anything about dinner or put anything out that im not cooking. hes so darn picky and never wants anything i wanna cook. so anyway he starts asking wheres dinner and im like are u for real you no how this works. i was like what do you want me to cook, him- i dunno, what do we have.......... this is what ticks me off you should no what we have, your at the same grocery store as me, you put the food away like i do and you dont no what we have???? how about you go look in the freezer and fridge and see duh! lol then you let me no what i should cook because im not going to stand here all nite trying to figure out what you want grrrrr why make things so difficult. needless to say we ended up ordering pats, we need to go to grocery store though.

glad tomm is friday, no real reason just look forward to the weekend and maybe going somewheres and getting outta this house for a bit.

might go see alice n wonderland on sunday deffiently matinee. movie tickets are so expensive, to see this movie because its 3d its gonna cost $11 now if i went later in the day $14, $14 for a movie darn! good thing i dont go very often, plus my son wants to go and hes gotta have popcorn , candy etc etc. i wont get outta there spending no less than probobly $30 some dollers.

well to anyone who reads my blog you can find me on facebook im on there at least once a day, like playing games on there, look for tracy handlin. hope everyone has a great weekend. hugs


Tawnya said...

Thanks Tracy for stopping by! I can totally relate to the migraine thing I have them too.. I love your new layout, it is cute!! Feel better soon!

Lucy said...

I had migraines until I had a hysterectomy, however since I have reached the ripe old age of 80 start getting them again but not so bad. I can usually kick it. I love the mew look and it is good to see you back even if it is not daily. You take care of you!!!