Tuesday, May 18, 2010

great weekend

I had a great weekend!

saterday we didnt do that much, i spent it with my boyfriend and son and it was nice. we just took a drive on country roads and then went out to eat and then ended up at bf's cousins house and and just hung out!

sunday i went to lunch with girlfriends at carrabas italian resturant and it was so fun, food wasnt bad either! had an awesome waiter, sooooo nice and just friendly, wish they could all be like that. i tasted some different wines as you can do that and i wanna become a wine drinker but just dont see it happening lol. i just dont really like that taste. i need to find a wine that taste like grape juice and id be hooked lol. food isnt cheap though so i dont think i will be going back anytime soon. we get togther at least once amonth now and try different places so who no's where we will end up next time.

on a sad note i couldnt stop crying today...... there was a house fire around here and 3 children died, mom lived but is pretty burnt. come to fine out the one child rode my sons bus and was his friend. everytime i think about those kids crying and screaming for help and their mom couldnt help them it breaks my heart and then to find out the boy is the same age as my son it just made me think of my son and what would i do if this happend. life and stuff that happens really just sucks some times! we stressed to are son today fire saftey and to never play with candles, matches etc! whats cute is someone in his class told him this boy that died is an angel now and will always be around so my son when he got hom said tucker is with me, hes an angel and all nite he was like my sons imaginery friend, he played with him and talked to him and wanted me to talk to just glad my sons taking it well.

weight on friday was the same its been but sat i was up 5 pds and i wasnt happy, i was swollen. i weighed today and im back down so im happy!

planning on having boneless barbique, i no i spelled that wrong lol but i cant for the life of me right now rememeber how to spell lol. anyway ribs, iv never cooked them before so im going to have to google or look up something so i dont ruin them!

well heres to a good week, i hope!


Tawnya said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend. My migraines are better since the weather settled down a bit. I am so sorry to hear about that mom and her kids. Kids are very resilient.

Lisa said...

Just saw your comment over at my blog, so I had to come follow your blog.

Those poor kids in the fire! I can not imagine having that happen to your children and not being able to help. Just the feeling of having no power to do anything must be horrible.

That is so cute about how your son is coping. Children are just so amazing and really bring you back down to the simple reality of life.

Take care,

Laurie ( said...

That is so sad about the family! :(

I love Carrabas.. I haven't been in ages, but I love everything I've ever tried there.

Hope you have a good day!

Sherry said...

Try adding 7 up or fruit to the wine you probably are like me and like sweet wine ask the waitor if they have a sweet wine I do that all the time .

TJ said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! :)

So sad about the kids- Local tragedies are so hard to deal with- they hit close to home! :(

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a good weekend! I just found your blog! LOVE the name of it.

garnett109 said...

wine, yuck!

Lucy said...

That is so sad about that poor family. Makes a person wonder , why?? I will I promise keep in touch better. Since the heart problems it seems my comments are hit and miss on everyones blog. Need to get out of that mode. I just want you to be well all the time. By the way, I can not stand wine in any way shape or form.