Tuesday, May 25, 2010

im starving

im soooo hungrey, or so i think i am! im watching diners drivein and dives , not to smart of me lol. my weekend was pretty uneventful........ saterday i just pretty much layed around as i wasnt feeling the greatest and just had no energy. my loving boyfriend brought me steamed shrimp that day, yum! love that man! sunday just hit walmart for are usual weekley stuff we buy like milk, bread, meds , you get the idea.

this week is busy, well busy to me. keep in mind 7 days out of the week i get out maybe once or twice. i need to get blood work done this week so ill have my results by next week , i have a rhemy appt. i need to hit another spot to fill out some papers. daddy wants to take our son to the carnival that is here this week so he mentioned going tomm. dont no whats on the ajenda sat, was invited to a bbq from a friend but not a friend i see very often and shes going to have tons of people there i wont no and that makes me uncomfortable so im sure im not going. sunday friends invited us over for memorial day party so we are going to that. i have to make either brownies or peanutbutter tandycakes. i will need my bf's help in the kitchen as desserts or cooking are not my thing nor am i that good at it!lol. so feels like a busy week to me lol to some this is what they do in a day lol

my boyfriends birthday is coming up its the 7th and i just dont no what to do for him. i normally just get him a card and tell him to go buy himself something pretty lol i dont no what to buy him, id rather you get something you like as he never likes what i pick out anyhow. so iv gotta try to make some escuse to get the truck as he takes it to work everyday, he doesnt need to though. iv gotta get the truck and get to the store so i can buy a card and buy him a cake or something. but ......trying to get the truck isnt easy as he no's i never rarley go anywhere and i hate to drive so iv gotta really think about this.

i kinda am looking forward to summer now so i can get out of the house and maybe go swimming???? family has inground pool that they open up and hopefully will this year and no one hardley ever gets in it. i think and i no this will be good for me and my muscles, plus it will give my son something to do.

ugh the 22 pds i lost recently are creeping up on me! i gained 5 back in 2 weeks, could be worse. i guess im not feeling as bad and im eating more,i cant live on soup and crackers. i am swollen so at least couple of those pounds is that. i just no i need to try and watch what i eat the best i can because i dont want nor need to gain any weight!

well i guess thats it for now, im getting tired! have a good week.


Tawnya said...

I have arthritis in my ankles, knees, back, and hips. Swimming is the best exercise! It does not hurt your joints and it is easy on your muscles too. I would just tell him that you want the truck because you are going to try and get out and go to a park to walk or something..

Lucy said...

Tracy as long as you are on steroids you will have some extra weight. Even my son who had MS had a puffy look when he was on heavy doses. You are attractive even with all your problems. You keep an upbeat attitude on face book which I do not go to anymore. Have a hostile son on it and just stay away.

TJ said...

swimming or pool exercises are THE best! Arthritis in my spine along with scoliosis prevents me from most land exercises but I get a great workout from the water! I love it! I hope you get in soon! :)

Laurie ( said...

lol, yeah the Food Network may not be a great idea if you're hungry! LOL

Steroids will wreck havoc both on your appetite and puffiness! You'll get through it!