Tuesday, May 4, 2010

whens it gonna end!

iv been so sick its driving me crazy! ever since i started my higher dosage on my meds i havent felt that good but i could get thrue the day. well last thursday and friday i had a fever and chills etc so that wasnt good. i needed to be better by saterday because that was the day i was going to the psychic party and to meet up with some old friends.

so saterday comes i think im gonna be alright and for the most part i was till around evening time came. it was time to get something to eat so we went to hibachi, i had only had a granola bar that morning. but when i got my chicken and shrimp and rice, veggies etc i only ate few bites and i was done i just wasnt feeling good. i came home and went straight to bed, woke up 2 hrs later felt fine and got up and got a drink. well couple hrs later i woke up with A GALLBLADDER ATTACK! UGH anyone who nos me i suffer from these so bad like 2 times a yr and i dont even have to eat or drink anything for it to arrupt! so needless to say i was in pain for quite awhile wich it was weird normally its all in the front of me and this time it was only on my left side and all in my back on the left.i took a pain pill and eventually i dosed off. still felt some pain though. so sunday i didnt eat anything all day and was still getting pain on and off. i came to the conclusion that i wasnt having gallbladder attacks anymore i pulled some muscles from the spasms from gallbladder ugh. so thats what im dealing with now, pulled muscles. so again taking pain pills. i havent had one today in awhile im trying to go without them if i can and so far okay. my eating is very limited at this point, dont no if its fear or what lol but monday all i ate was a can of chicken soup some crackers . today all iv had is 2 salsbury pattys, spoonful of potatoes and some greenbeans, 1 granola bar, thats it! iv lost 20lbs in 2 half weeks. i think its from my new higher dose on meds just making me so ill. so basically i hope this is done and over with for awhile cause im tired of feeling this bad!

anyway back to psychic she said some intresting things it was fun. just said im doin alot of changing wich is very true and some other stuff not going to get into it all on here lol one thing she didnt see was my disease though lol she said i was healthy and just seen lower back problems wth lol yea i guess if i didnt have my disease or gallbladder problems i am healthy, i dont have high blood pressure or diabetes etc, was never on any meds. heres to getting thrue the week!


Tawnya said...

Feel better!! I know about being sick for a while. Finally better myself.. Hugs to you