Tuesday, May 25, 2010

letting go of the hurt

Had a pretty good day today.......... went and got my bloodwork done, so im glad i got that out of the way. went to the carnival tonite and my son had fun! it wasnt much of a carnival only about 12 or maybe a little more rides. they only had cotton candy there nothing else so i couldnt get myself in trouble eating junk! lol luckley i dont care for cotton candy.

got a very unexspected phone call from someone i hadnt spoke to in a month or more. we parted not so good and feelings were hurt, mostly mine! anyway i was asked to go to their graduation and at first i was like HELL NO, thinking this to myself. i didnt wanna go because i still have hurt feelings and im not one to pretend all is okay and good now, my face will say it all! lol but i got to thinking, its family, i gotta pull up my big girl panties and be the bigger person and set my feelings aside for a couple hrs. i just hope i can do it! iv gotta go somewheres iv never been wich freaks me out, be around some others wich have hurt me and try to be civilized, its going to be hard.......... but i no if i can do this that im trying and trying to better myself and do things that i would normally not do because it makes me uncomfortable. im also going because im proud that this person is finishing school, i never finished high school and regret it soooooo very much and have tried the nite school thing and tryed to do the ged but just couldnt ever do it. when things get to hard i tend to quit! so anyway thats that. thanks to all that comment on my blog, i appreciate your comments! lol


Tawnya said...

I have recently written a letter to my mom, whom I have not spoken to in almost 5 years because of things that she said and did. It was hard to let the bitterness and anger go, but it felt so good when I achieved it. I say go have a good time, support the graduating person and if someone tries to pick a fight, just say 'it is _____'s day, let's not fight.' Good luck!!

Missie said...

Sometimes we just have to suck it up and be the better person. Enjoy your weekend.