Monday, May 10, 2010

had a great mothers day!

Well today was a nice day...... i felt okay for once in many days. my bf got me a basket of flowers from my son for me and my son made me some cute stuff, it was a nice mothers day!

we didnt do anything but lay around really but oh well. went to the grocery store as we really needed to go, we only go like once a month and we were down to nuthin. iv been saying i want fruit, tons and tons of it. with my stomache issues iv been having and never nowing what i can eat anymore i stocked up on my fav chicken noodle soup and crackers and got this huge bowl of mixed fruit, has strawberrys, grapes, watermelon, kiwi, cantalope, pinapple and who no's what else, oh blueberrys, no rasberrys :( this thing cost $16 but what you gonna do for a craving, it was like another mothers day gift lol. i miss my mommy today she died when i was 5 and my father never remarried. i dont have many memories as she was sick all the time, she had lung cancer and a brain tumor wich she died from. i dont remember much like i said but i no she was a good mom! i no my life would feel more fulfilled if she was alive but i will never forget her.

ran into an old friend while at the grocery store and right away she says you look good, you lost weight? i said na im sure iv gained but i have lost 22 pds here recently from being sick but to her since i havent seen her in a yr iv lost around 40, 50 pds. so its nice to get a compliment once in awhile and on mothers day to boot!

my new insurance starts june 1st and i just cant wait iv gotta get making an appt to see a surgeon about getting this dreaded gallbladder out and then i was going to look into............ weight loss surgery, either the lapband or gastric, but i have to see if its even possible right now with me being sick all the time and having a auto ammune disease. i no i can loose weight on my own but i cant ever keep it off, i always gain back, i need something to help me and these surgerys would be the answer. today i was thinking with how little iv been eating and how i gotta watch everything because my stomache is so screwed up its almost like iv already had something done. im getting the idea of how restricted i will be and how i will be giving up so much food, its scary! i no food isnt your life but its what has gotten me thrue my ups and downs growing up , so i really need to make sure this is what i wanna do and then move on and see if i get approved by my insurance.

i hope i get thrue this week without being sick to much, if it gets to bad i will have to call the dr and see what we can do. hope everyone had a good mothers day and have a good week!


Tawnya said...

Hope you feel better! Glad your day was great!