Sunday, April 25, 2010

bye bye weekend

Where o where did the weekend go?????? this weekend was boring and just sucked lol maybe thats why it went so fast. its pouring down rain right now and suppose to rain for couple more days. i hate when its like this, alittle rain i can do with. when its a muddy mess outside no thank you! my little girl( dog) she dont like the rain much and its a pain to get her outside when its like this. plus i just gave her a bath last nite, shes smells so good , nice and powdery! that has to be my most favorite smell in the world, baby powder!

all we did today was hit walmart and went to grocery store. we rented blindside from the redbox, man thats a good movie, i really did enjoy it!

i got my new meds today and man do i feel so sick! i took one around 6 and felt awesome like 30 mins later its a pain pill, oxycodone or something like that........ but then like 20 mins later i got such a huge headache and felt so nauseas, and i still feel that way. plus i felt like i had to keep moving, like my leg or arm or something. this was only 5 mil but man do they not make me feel good. not sure what to do to just stop taking them or only take before i go to bed or nap or i have to get use to them, dunno. i just no it helped with the pain and i like that. its generic for percaset and dr didnt want to give me those because they have more tylenol in those and im to not have alot of tylenol because of my liver.

what i dont get is i no i didnt feel good today and pretty much wanted to be alone yet i no we had to go to the store. so i wasnt bitchy or anything just kept quite and just wanted to get done what we had to get done and go home......... why is it then that my loving family, they say they hate when i get moody and bitchy yet they dont leave me alone! its like aggrevate mom, get her yellin lol all when im tryin to just chill and not be like that. i will never understand, if i no someone dont feel good or is in a bad mood i stay clear away from them. my weird fam is like drawn to me lol.

i really hope this is a good week but with all the rain i dunno. bf probobly wont have alot of work because of it and that stresses me out! no work means no pay, so come friday that paycheck is not going to be good! hope everyone has a good week!


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