Thursday, June 3, 2010

got some things done

MY BF DIDNT have work today so he was able to take me to some offices to fill out papers and then i got my pee test done and have an appt tomm nite to get catscan done. had to drink that nasty milky stuff, yuck! then drink the rest an hr before my appt yippie lol. got my new meds and here in a bit gonna test out this muscle relaxer lol i hope it dont make me feel sick.

so bascially as long as i get this stuff done thats on my list i will be fine, if i dont i just keep thinking and thinking about it, im like a liitle ocd i think! i can stress myself out over the stupidest things and i hate that.

money is an issue right now and so im stressed! we bought this truck we needed so we could accually get around without fear of breaking down but it sucked are money supply down. bf hasnt had much work latley wich is scary, normally winter is the time we struggle not summer! so i have that worry on my plate right now and trying to figure out where we can cut back. im very glad my new medical insurance will help with all these test and drs i have to see are id be stressing about that.

I no i'll get through it, everyone has hard times! thanks everyone for your comments i no it seems i whine and cry all the time about how i dont feel good lol its my nature unfortuanlly and its my life. my blog is for me to write how i feel wether it be nuthing but whining its my blog so either read it or dont!

no one said anything to me to make me write the last sentence. i guess i just feel guilty sometimes with all my complaining and like i have to make my blog about what people wanna read. but i realize these are my feelings and im tired of caring so much about what other people think!

this is going to be a hot summer! this week so far has been sooo hot, humid, if you have trouble breathing in general its not good! PRAISE THE LORD FOR A/C!!! lol i serouisly dont think i could go back to not having it. grew up my 20 some yrs with out it, met my bf and hes just gotta have it are thinks hes dying so now im the same way! thats it for now......


Lucy said...

The best of luck to you on your medical journeys. I can sympathize about money but like you I just write in my blog about money or lack there of.