Wednesday, June 23, 2010

im over it!

When i read my post from earlier i realized it was a downer and i was having a mood swing! im better now and not so woa is me!

Had a great nite at burger nite and karaoke at the local bar/restaurant! had a yummy burger with mushrooms and cheese, couple fries.

might be getting crabs this weekend if the paycheck looks good. we no people who go crabbing so hopefully we can get a good deal.

hmmmmmmmm crabs, maybe a alchol beverage(yea right) i can dream on the drink, a nice ice cold pool, hope it happens!



Emmi said...

lucky! any sea food right now is super high if you can even get any. seems like only the restaurants have it thanks to the oil spill. enjoy it!

garnett109 said...

crab, corn on the cob and beer sounds good but i get the gout from shell fish

Heather said...

Sounds like a great weekend is heading your way! Can I join you? I'm glad you're in a better mood. You know, we all have our days. We just have to really appreciate the good ones. :-)

Lucy said...

Hope you have a good weekend. When you feel lousy it makes for a real downer so don't apologize. The main thing is now you will have fun over the weekend.

Lucy said...

Thank you so much Tracy, for the award. I appreciate it. Hope you are feeling very well.