Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i wanna hide

Had a good weekend, went to cowtown and made it around the fleamarket but got wore out like i figured would happen. sunday went to my friends familys house and had a good time, ate good food and the kids played on the water slide. it was a nice hot day for it!

Today i went to my rhemy drs appt. he said my muscle test came back good and my levels have went down so that was good. i told him though iv been so sick it seems ever since we increased my one med and so he decided that even though its helping my levels to go down that we should lower the meds back down and see if i feel any better since its making me feel ill! iv gotta get a pee pee test and a catscan done to find out whats going on with this pain on my left side as he he has no clue, wich i figured he would say. also wants me to set up appt for a pulmologist lung dr as im having harder time breathing....... then i gotta set up appt to see the surgeon to get my gallbladder out....... plus gotta set up appt for john hopkins so i can see the rhemy dr there, just waiting on my drs office to fax referrel and records. IM OVERWELMED! i hate calling people and normally keep putting it off but i no i cant. i just get so darn overwlemed. i need someone to just make all my appts for me and ill go, how does that sound lol. he called in prescription for new pain meds as the oxycodone just makes me feel sick and he called in muscle relaxer for the spasms im having. i said to the dr even though you say the muscle test came back lower i dont feel any different....i guess i thought we get down this low i should feel like hop skipping around, have all the energy in the world, so not the case. he said i probobly wouldnt feel much difference and wont till we get where we need to be. i just wonder if its my mind set holding me back. iv felt bad for what seems like so long do i no what it feels like to feel good again. im my worst enemy!

anywhoo its hot and gonna be hot the rest of the week in the 80's and close to 90's whoa baby! well thats it for now


Tawnya said...

I have asthma. It feels like I am breathing through a straw when it is not controlled. I had my gallbladder out too. I am glad you got out and about during the weekend, I know it hurts sometimes, but I think that if you keep moving about and getting some exercise your body might get used to it. I know it is hard. I have arthritis and it kills me sometimes. But there are days that I just do a little bit and it helps. I get back spasms sometimes. Bad ones! I hate those!

Missie said...

All your doctor appts sound like mine. It's just one doctor after another sometimes. I hate to call and make all the appts too.

Lucy said...

You can do it girl. !! Bot I am just so sorry you have to go through so much. Sounds like they are really trying to make a breakthrough on this health thing you have.