Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I hate waiting!
im not a patient person..... well i am when it comes to certain things but not when it comes to results!
i had the pee test done thursday and catscan on friday so im waiting for my results. i just wanna no something. its like tell me something already. im hoping and i no this sounds crazy but i hope they do find something so that im not crazy and the pain i was feeling is real and just so i no whats going on with me. if they dont find anything then its like hmmmm where do we go from here, i hate that! most of the time you give up and just deal with the problem then, then to have to look into it further.

friday nite we went out for karaoke after my test and had a good time. it was nice seeing friends i havent seen in while, plus to sing, i love to sing!
the rest of the weekend was pretty boring, it was just another weekend.

Today was the love of my life aka my boyfriends birthday, he turned 38 today, man hes getting old lol j/k
i cooked him a roast and mash potatoes and corn for dinner. i say i cant cook and i really cant that well but i make a good roast or so my family says! i put it in the crockpot with some onions and ajue or however you say and some seasoning and just let it do its thing. 7 hrs later its falling apart and soaking up the juice, yum yum love my crockpot! i also baked him a orange cake with buttercream frosting that i added some orange astract to, he likes orange cake so thats why i chose that. so it was a nice day and i accually felt pretty good today, got stuff done around the house wich always makes me happy.

dont no whats in store this week but hopefully its a good one. later......


Tawnya said...

Glad you felt better! It has been a trying weekend here. Hopefully this week will be good for both of us!

carla said...

I laugh that when Im in your shoes (the waitingwaiting) I always think IS THIS AN AMERICAN THING OR A HUMAN THING? JUST WANTING A NAME FOR WHAT AILS ME SO I KNOW IM NOT CRAZY! :)

heres hoping you still feel ok and get some news soon.


TJ said...

Hope all is well! Waiting for the results can be annoying. I always hope they find something because then they might be able to help....but no :(

Happy belated birthday to your BF! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm am totally impatient too. Plus I'm a professional waiting + worry = crazy :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.