Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I had a great day peeps! i accually felt good today, yay me!
so went to the pool party and of course it was fun and i over analized and dramatized as usual and suspected the worst! i no i make things out to be so much bigger than they are, unfortuanally thats me lol. my son had a blast, he did not want to get out of that inground pool. i wanted to get in so bad , that water looked like heaven, but i was not getting my big butt in there in front of everyone. no parents got in but that teacher did in the end.

everyone new everyone like i new would happen, except me! they didnt no who i was lol. some of the parents talked to me so that was cool but again everyone else new everyone already from class trips and coming to the classroom, iv never been on a trip or to his class. i hope for the new school year to work on that and maybe go on some school trips and functions at school instead of being too nervous!my son when we got home from the party just kept saying thank you and hugging me for taking him. it really did make me happy to see him so happy! hes knocked out, he ate alittle something and went to sleep at 9. i checked in on him and he was bundled under the covers. love how a pool can wear your kid out lol!

tomorrows karaoke nite at the local neighborhood resturant so we will probobly go.

ill be glad when my son is finally done school so then hopefully we can start going swimming at the familys pool, that water is calling my name now.

i have a out of some meds starting tomm but my new prescription insurance doesnt start till the 1st. what to do what to do! i would pay for it myself but its exspensive, couldnt be one of the meds that is only $4 it would have to be the one closer to $100. so what do you do in this situation? just suck it up and try to pay for it or can i get like walmart to somehow just wait and charge my insurance when it starts. thats it for now , later!


Tawnya said...

I am so glad that you went and had a good time! Your son will remember these times for the rest of his life and he will remember how you went even though you did not want to go. But you sucked it up for him.

Emmi said...

I'm so happy/proud that you took your son. I know it's hard to get out when you don't know anyone. I don't go out often but it's not because I don't know people, it's because I do know them & wish I didn't. I'm to picky with who I let get close to me. =) This next year is going to bring you so much happiness ... I spend as much time as I possibly spend with my kids.

Lucy said...

Good to hear you had a good time and with your son as well. On the meds How important are they. At a hundred makes you think they are important.

garnett109 said...

ask your doctor if he has any samples or only buy what you need till the 1st

Lisa said...

I so know how you feel about going around people you don't know. I have the same social phobia and have a hard time making myself ever go out much. My poor hubby is wonderful and understands and I am trying to work on this.

Definitely plan to go on more school trips so that you do get more familiar with the parents and it will get easier. Just take small steps. Going to the pool party was a good first step. Very proud of you!

And I totally understand about the cost of meds. I like the advice of asking the dr if he/she has any samples. They can usually help you out for a few weeks.

Take care!

Rock it, live it, own it!