Thursday, April 8, 2010

awesome day!

So today was awesome! it was beautiful out even if it was HOT! in the 80's not complaining though. i felt soooo good today physically, body wasnt hurting like it has for days and just in a good mood. wish i could always feel like this!

we ended up going to dinner and karaoke. it was burger nite so had my usual burger with chedder and mushrooms, yum! sang a karaoke song and home we went. dont need to stay out all nite long just get me out for an hr or two and im a happy camper lol!

didnt end up going to the beach on tuesday for shopping at outlets, my friend was sick as a dog! iv been keeping in touch and shes feelin better so the trip will be back on soon enough, cant wait!

still lovin my new truck even though i dont drive it lol! boyfriend has been taking it to work as the other car has something wrong with it...... i dont like him driving my truck he gets dirty from his job ugh i dont want no grease on my seats! luckley he does think of me and puts a sheet on the seat so it wont get dirty but still i will flip if i find any grease, dirt lol sorry cant help it hehe

im invited to a psychic party...... what it is is a long time ago friend of mine(havent seen in years) is a ghost hunter lol they go to places and investigate. theres a winery in newyork they wanna check out so they are having a party to help raise money to get them there. its $25 for full psychic reading, reading is from a supposly legite psychic that this radio station uses and u get lunch. i wanna go! i no alot of people dont believe in this stuff and im not so sure i do but im curouis lol. iv had a reading before and some stuff seemed to be true but that was yrs ago. i figured it would be something fun to do so im trying to get some friend together. so we shall see......

well the weak is going by pretty fast and hopefully stays nice. take care


Tawnya said...

I am so glad that you had a good day!! I am sorry that your friend was sick.. I know what that is like these days. Have a great day!

Muscular Mayhem said...

Hi Tracy! Nice to meet you via the blog world! :) Seems we do have quite a bit in common. Love that you have the ribbon on your page (I designed that little baby - for real!) We used to have key chains and pins...I probably still have some pins laying around. The Myositis Association took over the magnet program after I could no longer find donors to pay for production. Anyway, looking forward to reading your blog and learning some more about you! I've got lots of time right now with this bum toe. :) Take care, Kristin or KT

Reese said...

YAY for a good day! Please send some of that sun my way :) it is windy, rainy and cold here!

Anya said...

Never heard from a psychic party !!!
Have fun ....

Have a happy sunday

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)