Tuesday, April 20, 2010

went to the drs today/ beach pics

I went to my drs appt today with the rheumatologist it went well. we upped my meds and im to get blood work done in 4 weeks. luckley my liver is reacting good to the meds. some people cant take it cause it can cause liver damage. my dr wants me to when my new insurance kicks in in june to go to john hopkins where they specialize in this. hes really pushing the matter lol like iv said before he really doesnt no where to go from here with me and my non responding to the meds.

on a good note i had a wonderful weekend!!! the beach trip was just what i needed and i wish i could have stayed longer. being back home is nice but it was just such a nice change of scenery there that being back here is drag! i went to the outlets with the girls and we hit the coach store, i wanted a purse so bad but couldnt bring myself to pay that kind of money, even what was on sale just wasnt on sale enough for me lol. hit some other stores and got my son some summer clothes and bought me a shirt and cheap necklace . all in all i didnt do to bad and didnt spend too much money.we then went to rehobeth boardwalk and ate some thrashers fries omg they are heaven soooo good, and people watched. my bf then met us later and had lunch with us and then i left the girls they had to get back home and we went a found a hotel in ocean city and stayed the nite. it was a very nice hotel and i plan on staying there again in the future. we went to the boardwalk at nite and walked alittle but i really tired and it was so windy out it was freezing! luckley my room faced the ocean and was on the 11th floor so i had an awesome view and just listened to the waves, so peaceful! my son got up in the morning and went swimming the hotel had a indoor pool. and so again i had a great time , wish i could do it more often. will share some pics. we sent the doggie to the kennel for the nite and i really liked the attention they gave her and when we picked her up they had a report card on her behavior and she got an A lol .they checked her over and said shes a healthy girl, didnt no they do that. so i will be deffiently using that place again in the future.

well i guess thats it for now, i hope the week continues to be good. tata


Tawnya said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!! I am so glad that things worked out!

Lucy said...

Good that you got away for a while. You look good in the picture of you and your son, but when you are battling a disease all the time I know that is tough. I can not wait for you to be able to go to John Hopkins. In the type of disease you have , I think you must have a good doctor to admit he has done all he can do. I am paying dearly for the activity yesterday. My back is killing me this morning.

Muscular Mayhem said...

I love the beach....nice pictures! Glad the meds are working. They really can mess with our liver. I've been fortunate to not have problems with that either. :)

Reese said...

Ahhhh...your pics make me want to take a trip to the beach!! :) glad that you had a good time!