Wednesday, April 14, 2010

missing the bowl/ shes a woman now

Today was a rainey day ugh! sunshine come out come out wherever you are you tease!
i have a busy week , well busy to me, to u's this is nuthin.......

today i had to get my bloodwork done so that it will be ready by time i go to my drs appt next tuesday. we have to drop the truck off at the dealership tomm because even though it passed PA inspection it didnt pass Maryland??? something about a ball joint??#$?%?%?

soooooo the dealership said if it didnt pass they would fix the problem, so talked to the owner of ford and we drop it off tomm and will have it back tomm nite. just a big old pain in the rear though because we have to drive it there and then have someone give us a ride home, its in quarryville pa and thats like an hr or something away. Then we have to find someone to give us a ride back there tomm nite to pick it up grrrrrrr. if its not to late will probobly just go to the usual burger nite place and sing karaoke, get my one song in haha, they are always so busy!

this weeks is going by prettty fast, wasnt the weekend just here???? not complaining though........ saterday is my beach day and going shopping at the outlets YES YES YES! looking forward to it cant you tell lol.

okay so does anyone out there have a little one, like around 6, 7, 8 or whatever age and a boy and who just cant seem to PEE IN THE TOLIET!!! omg my son woke up late last nite , i heard him go to the bathroom, i was watching tv.............. i went in there later........he never made it in the bowl he PEED ALL OVER THE BATHROOM NO LIE! the toliet seat was down so he never lifted the lid or seat and just peed all over the damn place. i was sooooo mad! so i had to wipe down the shower curtain the floor the toliet, you name it with bleach. luckley its his bathroom and i dont use it yuck! no matter how much i clean that place it still smells like pee from him missing. i dont no what to do......... iv done the yelling, the bribing etc. he does good and then its back to not being able to aim. okay so im sure you wanted to no all that but i had to have something to talk about hehehehe.

my little girl pup is a woman now lol shes got her period......... we are trying to decide wether to get her fixed are let her get pregnant one time. we would have to find a male dog of course wich im not sure how to go about that. shes a bichon/poo so the mate would have to be that are one are thee other. plus what if we cant find homes for these pups and who no's if she can have pups and who no's how many she might have, just so much to think about, makes me a nervous mummy!

well thats it for now i guess, tata! happy hump day :P


Tawnya said...

I start my classes next week, so the week is going by fast!! I am sorry about the vehicle issues, that sucks! Good luck with the puppy question. I have a cat right now.

Missie said...

I think she should be spayed. Not only does it keep unwanted puppies from ending up at a shelter, it also decreases her chances of uterine cancer.