Thursday, April 8, 2010

me soooooo tired

Well another beautiful day but its windy also! im soooooo tired today, i need a nap i think. im not hurting physically wich is nice but i get crabby when im tired! lol

my niece is suppose to be coming down to spend the nite(shes 18) . she takes pitty on her crippled aunt :P. i like her coming to see me but then she also stresses me out, i have to clean up after her and thats all i need. i might put her to work this time though and get her to help me with some stuff around here, i doubt it will happen, but a girl can wish cant she!

last nite was rough, might be why im tired...... i kept waking up coughing and choking, you no what i mean, it sucks! i asked my dr about it before and i cant rememeber what he said but he didnt seemed concerned. its like im gagging............

well dont have much to say my mind is dragging.......... oh my son missed the darn bus again! this time if i had a car i would have taken him but bf took it to work :( i have no one to call either for a ride. i dont no how i shut that alarm off because i dont rememeber doing it, i normally snooze it couple times, but i shut it off i guess. im going to have to find something else for back up lol i guess like my cell phone. i normally hear every little freakin sound in this house but i must have been really out of it lol. well going to go, hope everyone is having a great day! hugs