Tuesday, April 6, 2010

its sooooo hot

Its like 60 oustide but feels like a suana in here i need to look at the thermastat im sooooo hot! had a good weekend but didnt feel good at all!

saterday went to dinner with some friends and then hit Delaware park to play the slots, i didnt win anything :( played the same $20 for an hr or more then just had to give up, ended up losing only$9 could have been worse. im a weirdo though i go in there with the mind set iv gotta win, lord help me win, but i never do, i shouldnt exspect to win, many dont, i guess i hate loosing money lol.

so easter sunday didnt have any real plans, my family doesnt get togther we just arent close, sad but true. my son ate soooo much candy he had a belly ache, i told him him not to do it but what do i no............ ended up going to my dads and showed him the new truck, we ate some food, it was nice seeing him but i really missed the big easter dinner everyone has. we had lunch meat sandwiches. its food but just not the same ....... i wanted some ham, coleslaw, etc etc and sure i could try to cook it but i dont cook that good and i live with picky people so its a waste and aggravating lol. at least i can say i didnt overeat or im gonna gain weight .

im suppose to be going to the beach tomm to the outlets, i think they are in rehobeth or ocean city im really not sure. just looking forward to going to the beach for the day. i havent been to the beach in i believe 3 yrs. i dont do the whole beach thing like laying out etc. i just like to go to see the waves hear the seagulls , smell the air, you get the picture.
got a text little while ago that my friend whos going and is the driver is throwing up,MAN! i hope she feels better by morning! so i guess i will see how she feels in the morning on wether we are going.

my sis that iv not been close with for while is watching my son if i go and hes excited to see her. it happened because she sent him a card for easter and i had him call her and thank her and so i thought hmmmmm ill see if she can watch him because shopping would be easier with out him, plus friends werent bringing their kids. she said yes......... so now my delima is if im not going to the beach do i still drop him off to spend day with her, she seemed to look forward to it and i no he is. do i wanna drive the 45 mins it takes to get there hmmmmm to turn around and sit at home. i would most deffiently do that for him. its a shame or relationship isnt good or i could tag along with them but it is what it is. im not going to pretend all is well between us, i just cant fake it!

so i felt really bad today again like yesterday, body really hurting, weak etc and i ran outta meds, couldnt get any yesterday the pharmacy was closed. i had the truck so i could have picked up meds today but i felt so bad and i didnt wanna chance going out by myself at walmart so i asked bf before he got off work to come home to pick them up. i thought he would flip and be like hell no youve had the truck all day you could go, dont wait for me....... but i called him and he was totally fine with picking them up. i did cook dinner for him so he couldnt complain too much. had turkey tenderloin, mashed potatoes, corn. i didnt wanna cook because i felt so bad but i needed to after easters dinner. took my meds and took a nap, felt much better! so i have to say i have a wonderful wonderful boyfriend who takes good care of me!!!!!!!

its still hot!!!! now im hungrey. watching diners drive ins and dives, i love that show! okay i think its time for bed iv gotta try to go to sleep. have a good week. hugs


Missie said...

Have a good week!

Tawnya said...

I know what it is like to not be all that close with family. My family is in Florida and I live in Michigan. It is not all that bad though, those family fights have stopped. Have a great week, thanks for dropping by!