Thursday, October 2, 2008

brrrrr its chilly!

Its a sunny chilly day here, its my kind of weather! should hopefully knock the grumpyness and blues out of me! Didnt end up going out last nite, 8 aclock rolled around and i said naaaa dont wanna go, had a massive headache by then and was just miserable, no since spreading my bad attitude around. just made a sandwich for dinner and watched some tv, nothing special. at least i have one thing to be happy about im down on the scale today , down 7 pds since tuesday! i figured it would be a loss cause i peed soooooo much yesterday lol. my weigh in for my group the dietbusters is tomm, me and my partner jeanne were the biggest losers last week but i dont no about this week. It isnt looking to good on my end :( but all i know is it isnt from me eating bad cause iv been really trying to work on that and have been paying attention to what i eat and when. today at my sons school , hes in pre-k they go to the library and get to pick out a book and then next thursday turn it back in and get a new one. he loves this day, i think i look forward to it just as much as he does :P , i love to read and love to see what hes picked out! still have no clue what hes going to be for halloween, there just isnt any good custumes out there unless your a girl i feel. im not talented enough or crafty enough to make something up. it will end up being a last minute thing im sure but at least i know what ever it is we will get are moneys worth, he was spiderman last year and still wears his custume around the house, its seen better days by now lol. well thats its for now .................. have a great day! hugs


Linda said...

Hi Tracy!
Congratulations on your weight loss....that is FABulous!! I feel so much better when I take off even a couple of THINK I'd remember that when I pick up that Snickers bar in the check out lane!! Don't worry about your weigh in this week if it isn't what you want it to be. That number on the scale is a double edge sword. You KNOW you have been eating right, and that is the important keep doing that and exercising and the weight will take care of itself. I'm proud of you....keep on fighting!!
I used to love reading with Mandy too, and we did a lot of it. She is 25 now and can't get enough books...she reads non stop, so just keep encouraging him and make reading a fun time. Just reading your blog makes me miss those days when she was young.....treasure every moment you have because they grow up all too quickly.

Have a great Thursday!

Pooh Hugs,

Ericanbiloxi said...

Congrats on the weight loss Tracy!
It is chilly here today too....but the sun is out and it will heat up.
I sure miss dressing the girls up for Halloween. They still dress up, but it is not the same as when they were young ya know.
Enjoy the beautiful day....

Jeanne said...

Hey partner!!!! Things are "so-so" here and I don't know what tomorrow's weigh in will bring. But, it is what it is and we will be fine! Don't forget, we need to take a picture of the scale!

Lets get that crown AGAIN this week!!


Janie said...

There was a fine frost in Kansas this morning! Ugh! Not ready for winter! lol Great loosing 7 pounds. Have a great rest of the week. Janie

MISSY said...

Hey Tracy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My son was a Power Ranger last year and he still wears his costume lol! (He's five). We have his costume for this year and he's going to be Batman from the Dark Night. Hope your head feels better and I'll be stopping by more often.