Wednesday, October 15, 2008



just wanted to say thank you to the ones that tryed to help me with my blog, you were a big help! and thank you to my new followers and your kind comments! im really loving reading all about everyone and how their lives are and how we all are soooo different! my day didnt amount to much, same ole same. i acually was in a bit of a mood, i wanted to go somewheres so bad for some reason, just wanted to get out the house but couldnt. i dont drive much and havent driven since hmmmmm may? dont like to drive and only drive if i have too, plus are car isnt too reliable so im always worried im gonna break down and its the only one we have. so anyway bf didnt wanna go anywhere :( so im like restless do you no what i mean?????? my son has off school friday was hoping to go to fridays market in pa its a amish type flea market place, lots of great stuff but i no that wont happen. bf has to work and i wouldnt want him to take off exspecially with how slow work is now anyway. i really think im pmsing or something im sitting here and im irrated when i think about stuff thats bothering me. i wish i had more friends, more people to hang out with cause i dont have many im close with from moving so much , plus im shy and and cant make friends easly cause i just dont no how to. i guess what im mad about is my friend who i use to be best friends with just doesnt have time for me and it drives me crazy and come to find out just the other day she was around my way she lives about 35 to 45 mins away from me. i havent seen this girl in a year and all the escuses are gas prices, work, busy busy, i get that. but her brother moves 5 mins away from me and shes right there, did she stop by to see me no!!!!!!!! but i get emails from her saying how she misses me and worrys about me etc etc but she just doesnt make the effort to show it! i hate when people talk but dont do the actions, like saying they love you but dont show it, show me darn it! i dont no if im making any sense or not lol. i just hate that the weekends comeing up and ill be stuck home cause everyones too busy for me and bf will be out enjoying haunted houses and trails with his boss and friends while i sit home, granted i could go but its not a good idea with me not getting around as good and dont wanna fall, trip while im walking in the dark etc etc. i really dont no what my problem is but its bugging me. sorry just needed to vent.maybe i should just go to bed ......... i would if i was tired! lol i think i need a hobby or something, something other than reading lol something to keep me busy and quit worrying about all the things i cant do right now. oh well............... hope everyone has a great thursday! hugs


Missie said...

Love your page. It's okay to vent. We all need to vent now and then.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

*hugs* loneliness sucks. Find something to do that makes you feel more a part of things.... or a support group... or something... I know it's hard to do... trust me, I know! I just also know that loneliness only gets worse...

*hugs again*

Jeanne said...

You've got to take that first step and get out of the house. I know that you and I are "buddies" on the website, maybe you can join Weight Watchers? The comraderie and the friendships there may be good for you.

What kind of things do you LIKE to do? Let me know and we will try and figure out some hobbies for you!!! Loneliness sucks and you are just to young to be so alone!!


Ericanbiloxi said...

I get the lonliness part....not having your close friends close is hard.
Sometimes we have to push ourselves to do things out of our comfort zone.....crank up that car and just go! lol, I know, easier said than done, specially if it is possible that it may konk out on ya.

MISSY said...

I don't like friends like that either. A friend always finds time.


Karen said...

chronic conditions that keep you home bound are the pits. the change in the weather, to Fall, has a lot to do with it. Not as much sun to bring good energy. Prayers are with you - hope you snap out of it, but just go along with the ride until you do snap out of it. it makes things easier in the long run to just go along for the ride.

Sherry said...

I love the new page girlly it is beautiful I hope you are feeling better now you have your meds and I hope to see be able to post here more than once a week soon lol

Lucy said...

You did a fantastic job on your blog. To me all I see is a beauttiful oerson with a heart of gold. Lucy

Linda said...

I'm getting caught up here, I've had some bad days with a new medicine I'm taking, but today I've been able to sit up all day without being dizzy or sick.

I love your's looking sooo cute! I'm sorry you are feeling lonely, that is never a good feeling. I know it's hard to get out and find new things, but maybe start small, join a group at church or a local club. I'll be keeping you in prayer and sending good thoughts your way.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

Janie said...

Sounds like the blog is something that helps you out. I don't have too many close friends. I have never been one to have a lot of close friends. Usually I just have one close friend at a time. Sounds terrible, but just me. lol Maybe you would like some of the graphic groups to make graphics. That would sure keep you busy!! lol Maybe too busy. Do you have photo shop? Hope your weekend went well. I have not done too much commenting since being sick. Blessings, Janie