Wednesday, October 29, 2008

six random things about myself

okay no one tagged me to talk about myself but oh well :P no one here at home ever wants to no things about momma so you all gotta suffer haha! hmmmmmm this is a little harder than i thought.

1. i hate shoes worn in the house, unless you are a guest no shoes worn in the house, i dont no what it is but it irritates me to no end and feel the house is cleaner with no shoes!

2.i love to read, could spend a whole day reading a good book!

3. i have a fraternal twin he is my brother but we dont get along and dont talk!

4.i wash my hands alot, i hate dirty hands and people with dirty hands!

5.i love karaoke, i could go to karaoke 7 nites a week!

6. iv never been to the dentist! but luckley my teeth or in pretty good shape!

wow that was hard, iv guess i dont ever really sit and think about myself. the only things i could really think about were all my complusive behaviors lol like having to have a clean house, no crumbs or dirt on the floors or counters. if i never had to cook on the stove and dirty it up id be so happy. im a crazy girl what can i say. hope you all tell me 6 things about yourself , i love getting to know people. hugs


MISSY said...

I'll probably come back in a few days and post one of these myself. Gotta think of six things... HANDWASHING is one of mine too.. so there's one! YAY. LOL.. *M*

Ericanbiloxi said...

lol, I guess I will be doing one of these.
So basically, you are a germaphob right? loves it!

Missie said...

I haven't been tagged either, but I'm actually glad! LOL

Have a good night.

Janie said...

lol Forget not wearing shoes in my house! The dogs don't wear shoes but they still get the floor dirty. lol I don't have time to read... that is unless it is a journal. lol I am an only child. I was my hands a lot too and don't really like to shake hands... esp. men!! lol I sing karaoke at the assistant living and have sang at a lot of local entertainment. Hope you have a great week. Janie

Janie said...

OOOPPPSSST! Well I told you some things about me! Too funny! Got mixed up here... but HEY! that is just me. lol Hugs, Janie

Robin said...

I don't think I have ever met an adult who had never been to the dentist...are you afraid of the dentist? I LOVE getting my teeth cleaned...afterwards I always say I am never going to eat again cause they feel so good.

I got tagged twice with this thing and still haven't done it yet. Loved your 6 things.

Lucy said...

Wow, you did a good job Tracy. I agree with the shoe thing. No shoes unless absolutely necessary. Lucy

Lucy said...

Just had to say a good morning to the brave person I know you must be. Is your little one a boy or a girl? You hang in there girl. I babysat for a boy who's mother developed RSD after surgery on an injured arm and her symptoms sound to much like yours. Have lost track of her so don't know what is going on now. Big Hugs Lucy