Friday, October 10, 2008


Today is weigh in day at the club and i gained this week :( im just so swelled up i cant get a break plus my scale keeps changing its mind, one minute it says one thing the next it says another. if i was smart i would just weigh one time but noooooo i gotta keep getting on the darn thing and then its always heavier geez! sooooooo guess what................ my washer decided to die last nite and this was after i had filled it with clothes, it was filled with water to the top and even had detergent and it didnt even start to wash and bam it wont work no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now granted we didnt buy this washer i live in a rental duplex, it was old but i really dont think the landlord is going to replace it :( so now we are going to have to buy a new one. wich im excited to get a new one just dont wanna spend the money. i seen one in the paper for $318 on sale it was a whirlpool but dang thats still alot of money to me lol. i think we are going to check out the scratch and dent place first though, anyway to save money i say, who cares what it looks like as long as its new or newer and runs! but............ now i have the lucky job of wringing out the clothes in the washer and pailing out the water so we can get the washer out of here, lucky me! so off to do that............. hope everyone has a great friday! hugs


Tightening the Corset Again said...

I step on the scale... then try it again... and then I'm like, "is that your final offer?" Like it's going to get better... after that biscuit and corn dog and whole tube of pringles I ate...

MISSY said...

Hey Tracy, sorry about the washer. I know thats irritating. You could always check the trading post if you want to save even more money :)

I understand the weight gain issue, I put on 6 more pounds myself the past 2 weeks. :(


Missie said...

Hope you have a better weekend.

Linda said...

The scales can be frustrating, so try as hard as you can not to get on them a lot, they mess with our head!!
That sucks about the washer...but hopefully you can find one at a good price.

Have a great weekend, hope it's beautiful :)

Pooh Hugs,

friedmsw said...

Hope things go better for you. I have never seen washers at thrift stores, but maybe that is somewhere else to look. Just sorry that if it had to break down it was when it was full of clothes and water.

Sherry said...

ahh honey I hope you are having a better day today

Anonymous said...

Belive me I have been here You have to remember when you are working out you weight more cause you are building muscals so dont be so hard on yourself you can do this Iam here for ya Kat:)

Anonymous said...

AWW sorry to hear about the washer!!

Hey try getting a front loader I heard those suckers last forever!

~ Christopher ~