Monday, October 6, 2008

just another monday


So i had a pretty nice weekend, my sister in law took my son saterday till sunday at 4, we didnt ask she offered, gotta love her!!! saterday me and bf went to oxford pa to this little amish farmers market, they have lots of amish furniture wich are beautiful id never be able to afford it! and they have little things for your outside water fall things and birdhouses etc, just country looking stuff wich I LOVE! got some yummy freshly made pretzels omg they were so good. went to the amish grocery store next but they didnt really have anything much different than your normal grocery store so i wasnt that awed. spent the nite at home cause we couldnt find anyone to go out with but it was nice to just have some quite without my son around. yesterday just went to wally mart and got me a squarecrow for my front yard and a nice smelling candle, i burn candles all year long , i cant get enough of them. so that was really about it just stayed around the house yesterday we were too tired or too lazy to do much :) im soooooo tired right now i could take a nap and just might after a while, after i read my book. im suppose to be taking my nephews baby one day to spend some time with him cause i never get to see him, hope i dont regret it. 1 do i have enough strength to deal with a 7month old who can crawl all around and get into things and 2 do i remember what all to do lol, it makes me nervous thinking about it but i wanna see him and bf will be off work before i no it and can help me. theres one thing his mother did to him that i just hate though, hes a boy and she went and got his ear pierced! so now when my sister has him for the day when she takes him places people think hes a girl and she has to explain. who does that to a BOY baby 7months old. his mother is only like 20 if that explains anything, shes real imature if you ask me. but anyway what can i do........... well that about all i have to say right now im too sleepy :P have a great day! hugs


Janie said...

Hi Tracy, Sounds like you had some fun just getting out and about. I like candles but they scare me. Never thought I would ever set myself on fire... but caught my sweatshirt sleeve on fire when I reached over it?? Taught me a lesson and would never burn them around children. I am a mother hen so I tell everyone. Be very careful hon with candles. :) Wishing you a wonderful day with lots of blessings. Hugs, Janie

Robin said...

I'd love to spend the day at an Amish farmers market! How fun!

friedmsw said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your weekend. Hope that you are feeling well and can take on that 7 month old. Godd to hear from you!


MISSY said...

I'm glad you had a nice evening at home! That's always nice!!

I agree with you about the piercing, that's a little to soon.


Ericanbiloxi said...

I know how nice those times are, when your kids are young and someone in the family takes em for more than a couple hours.
My sisters husband surprised her with two rocking chairs, made from an Amish family. They are absolutely beautiful! They even made each nail by hand......WOW* ya know. lol
Anywho, good luck with the baby.(don't forget the walker...those are life savers hehehe)

Linda said...

I so agree about the baby boy getting pierced, the Mom is just too young.
The amish market sounds like so much fun...they make some beautiful furniture. I wanted an amish quilt for my new bed, but they started at $1,200 which is a bit much ;)
I love candles too...although I'll probably be afraid of them for a while. I do love them though, they make the house smell so yummy!

Pooh Hugs,

~Cherubhugs~ said...

Its always nice to have a quiet evening. The amish community sounds like a lot of fun! I have always wanted to go to a place like that. I hope you have a great week and survive your nephew. LOL They seem to get into every thing at that age :)


Sherry said...

okay tracy I found you and I am following you now lol hugs oh by the way I don't care how old she is someone needs to slap the crap out of her I don't believe any child should get anything pierced before they are twelve it makes the ear lobes sag .. some people huh sending you lots of hugs and it is like riding a bike you will remember it all ..