Tuesday, October 7, 2008

how do I

Okay so im trying to figure out where to put my playlist code, can someone tell me please :) im surprised i even figured out how to make a playlist lol................ . im making chicken noodle soup for the first time, yes i repeat for the first time eva!!!!!!! i dont no how to cook that good, im a cook from a box kind of girl pretty much! so anyway cooking soup in my crockpot, i put in it broth, chicken, tyme, bay leave, corn, carrots, potatoes, onion and going to add egg noodles eventually, i have no room right now. hope it turns out good, smells good, might have to take a pic lol but then i wouldnt no how to put it on here probobly.............. todays been an okay day mood wise, just sooooooo tired all the time, guess its from my decrease in meds, weaning me off the steroid and believe me i can tell quite a difference! my weights up today still swollen all over but feel okay, as okay as i can be i guess. i was looking at the angels jim shore makes from heartwood creek on ebay, they are sooooo beautiful! i have one that my sister gave to me, its a sister one and i bought her an angel last christmas, thats what im getting her this christmas too. i wanna start collecting them and so does she. so i was looking at them and trying to figure out wich one to get her next cant quite decide, it will take me forever to decide! well hope everyone is having a great day. hugs


Janie said...

I am not too good at explaining when I am not doing it with you. lol Will try. lol
1. You have to copy the file that is on your songlist. It is a hotmail file. Where your list is: click where you want to copy to your blogger or web sight. When it appears. Copy by placing curser at beginning of hotmail.
2. Go to your journal 3. Click Compose 3. Do you see gadget..little boxes, click on that (top one which is blank. 4. A page will pop up. 5. Click the + where is says songlist 6. A page will pop up. 7. Give your list a name and then paste where you put in the URL link 8. Click save. 9. You can put it where ever you want it in the gadjet boxes by holding down left side of mouse and moving the box to where you want it. 10. Click save and it should be on journal. Make have to refresh page to see it. Any questions just email me. Hugs, Janie

Sherry said...

yep I am lost too honey hang in there.

Janie said...

Wow! That was fast! lol Like that song.. God On The Mountain! Sang it today at the Assistant living. lol Blessings and prayers, Janie

MISSY said...

Chicken noodle sounds good :) I can't cook myself lol so don't feel bad.


Janie said...

Oh Gee! Talk about crazy!! That is me!!! I forgot that my page still plays when I go to another journal. That was my song playing! I must be tired.. no other excuse! And that was click Customize not compose. lol I checked it out again and you should be able to do it. Good luck. Hugs, Janie

Missie said...

just paste the code in one of your gadget boxes. Thanks for dropping by. I've added myelf as a follower.

Ericanbiloxi said...

I see that Janie got you covered on the playlist add-on
I gasped when I heard you were making soup in the crock
I need to send you my cell numba so I can help you out next time you want to cook....without the crock pot.
I hope you start feeling better.

friedmsw said...

Sorry Tracy. I can not help you with the playlist issue. Many of my patients who have receivd a bone marrow or peripheral stem cell transplant are on large doses of steroids. So, I can relate to you a little from that perspective. As for cooking, I am a pop-it-in-the-microwave gal myself. Your soup sounds wonderful. Wishing you all the best! Regina

Anonymous said...

I look forward to getting to know you better. I love blogger and it seems to connect more of us together Thank you for your comments! Blessings Kat:)

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmm That sounds so good! Corn and Carrots and egg noodles.. Yes do take a picture :)

and I usually HATE chicken noodle soup ( I guess the canned kind burns you out ) but that sounds dang good!

~ Chrhstopher~

Anonymous said...

Hello sorry, I was going to tell you how to place a code for music But you got it and I love the Music you have on your list! That soup sounds so good, yummy I kinda love cold days it reminds me of mom's cooking and we all love soups and stews. I love those angel dolls If it is the same thing I have the Courage one They are beautiful will have a blessed day Kat:)

Linda said...

Love your playlist, so I'm glad you figured it out :)
I love Chicken soup and it's one thing I look forward to the winter for....homemade soups, YUM! I had a lot of Jim Shore Disney pieces before the fire and I hope to re-buy them...he does amazing work. I hope you start feeling better from getting off the takes a while.

Pooh Hugs,