Thursday, October 9, 2008


sooooooo my chicken noodle soup turned out Great! i didnt get a chance to take a pic . i know it was good cause my boyfriend is sooooo picky and he ate it up so ill have to try to make some other kind of soup one day. we went to karaoke last nite for only about an hr but it was nice, nice to see some regulars i havent seen in awhile. wednesdays are burger nite there so that what we got but i got mine to go, cant eat then sing. i got to sing 2 songs, trisha yearwood - baby i lied and unforgettable by nat kind cole ? i sang this with a guy that goes there that can sing really good, he sings alot of frank sonatra songs. got alot of compliments on my singing wich always makes me feel good, like i said its been awhile like 5 months since iv been to karaoke and i was feeling a little rusty plus i get nervous being infront of people. if i could live my dream right now it would be to be a country singer, its my life! to never sing again i think i would just die. iv been asked to be in bands and told to go to american idol , contest etc but i just dont do it cause i cant handle people looking at me and setting myself up for failure. and im not being cocky i know i can sing good just dont want people thinking im full of myself cause im not! isnt that funny that me admitting i sing good makes me feel bad and so full of myself, why cant i say something good about myself without feeling that way? but anyway......... my son had fun, normally i would sing a song with him but we didnt have time, he would of wanted to sing a taylor swift song or hanna montanna he loves them girls! the older ladies there were trying to get him to dance with them and giving him candy to be his girlfriend, it was sooooo cute! i said man the ladies love you huh and he was like yea and grinning! he was so hard to get up this morning very grumpy but i figured it would be that way since he didnt go to bed till after 10, we were home by nine but he didnt want to go to sleep. todays just been another day, might go to the doller store later to get some picture frames for his school pic, it turned out great! sorry if my blog is boring but to be honest i dont have an exciting life its pretty boring honestly so thanks to all that still come by and read and leave comments, i look forward to them! hope you are having a good day! hugs


Missie said...

Have a good evening.

Michelle said...

You son is adorable!!!!

I love watching people sing karaoke - I can't sing at all lol!

Hey don't give up on your dreams - you never know!!!

MISSY said...

I wish I could sing. I love music and wish I could express myself that way but if I tried, I think I would probably cause injuries lol... yeah, that bad.

Glad the soup was good. :)


Linda said...

I'm so glad your soup was good!I love to sing, I sang in HS and I sing now in church. Karaoke is so much fun, but I don't get a chance to do it much, my daughter does it though...all the time. She also does the dueling piano places. fun stuff :)

Pooh Hugs,