Friday, April 16, 2010

everyone talks about someone behind their back at some point!

SO today was a pretty typically day not much going on. i was very tired today and achy and had a headache bla.
i was suppose to go to a viewing for a friend from karaoke his son died in a car accident, such a terrible tragidy! i didnt go though, again i wasnt feeling well and i just cant be around people crying, id loose it! i see someone crying i start bawling! my consious or however you spell it is kicking in though.... i should have just sucked it up and went , i feel bad now. another case of me using an excuse to not do something that involves being around alot of people and people i dont no.

so family drama begains and rears its ugley head. basically me and my niece have gotten close latley shes 18 . im so proud of her shes graduating this year and a good girl. shes a big girl like me but does her thing and doesnt let anything hold her back and im happy about that and wish i was like that. anyway people in the family are jealous of are relationship and so they are talking crap and trying to turn her against me now wth! so bascially i had a talk with her and told her you no how i feel about you, believe what you want......... i cant deal with drama and dont need it in my life, me and drama dont do well, it makes me feel sick because im constantly worrying and thinking about stuff that really is just dumb! so i just hope she doesnt let others control her feelings and she will continue to talk to me.

theres so much more to the story but i just dont wanna get into it but this whole thing ruined my sons weekend and i feel so bad. im going to the beach saterday for the outlets and my son was suppose to be going to my sisters new house down the beach, the sis who are relationship is rocky. my boyfriend then decided he would meet me down the beach later that day and we would get a hotel room for the nite so then i could stay longer at the beach and hit the boardwalk and go to dinner etc.

well we forgot we have a puppy.......... you sometimes dont think about that when you get an animal. you can leave a cat at home and its fine, a dog no! so i was like darn what we gonna do???? i dont really have anyone to watch my pup so im trying to find a pet friendly hotel. where are they?????? i found 2 thats it! and back to my sons weekend getting ruined, my sis was going to watch him but because of the drama shes started hmmmmm now she said shes not going to watch him. she told him she would take him to the rides at the beach, buy him something, take him out to eat..... now shes not going to. okay have a problem with me but dont make the kid suffer that just isnt right! so i told him he wouldnt be seeing her and he was sooooo upset and it upsets me. so im trying to figure out how he can have a good weekend too. so the plan is maybe ....ill do my outlet shopping with the girls during the day, bf ride down its 2hrs or more away, get a room, thats excepts dogs, have the kid with us and take him to the boardwalk and rides. so we'll see.

now iv gotta be a big girl and call my sis and see if i can get this all straightened out because my son shouldnt have to suffer just because we are fighting. iv never kept him from her but she here latley will just cancel plans with him because of me, how old are we????

im sooo glad tomm is friday , no real reason just am. hope its sunny and warm but i dont think so, i think a cold front is coming in.


Reese said...

Sorry that you are having to deal with so much drama. I really hope you get to enjoy your weekend!

Tawnya said...

That sucks that you have to deal with all this stuff. It is not fair to your son. Good luck fixing all this stuff.