Monday, December 8, 2008

alittle sick

Heres my little soon to be 5yr old son name chase, hes such a goofball!

he was at his aunts house building a gingerbread house. poor thing isnt feeling good today, came home from school and has been on the couch ever since. thats so not like him, hes normally so loud and running around acting like a nut and when he wasnt doing that i new he didnt feel good lol! dont no whether im keepin him home from school tomorrow or not, he doesnt have a fever right now. its been such a quite day, boyfriends been working all day wont be home till 12 tonite and iv just been cleaning doing some laundry, reading books, anything to not be bored lol. my sister n law is taking me to get my blood work tomm cause my drs appt is monday and they will need my blood results. nothing like waiting to the last minute to get things done huh lol thats how it always works with me,i wait till the last minute to do everything! still in pretty much a happy mood these days, i sure do hope it stays, i dont want to go back to feeling depressed. sent my christmas cards out so let me no when you get them. hope everyone has a great tuesday. hugs


Dutch said...

thanks for stopping my my journal. I love the name of your son. I sure hope he feels better soon. Have a wonderful week.

Lucy said...

Hey, Tracy, I hope your son is feeling better. By the way remember how happy that I met an old friend. I have a feeling I made a mistake. Don't think They consider me an old friend, like I thought, but I wil survive. Another cropped up but may be influenced bvy the original one. The plot Lucy

MISSY said...

Your son is adorable.

I hope your appointment goes smoothly *M*

Missie said...

Poor little guy. I hope he feels better. Do you know I have never made a gingerbread house? Nope, never.

Have a good rest of your week.

mxmotomom said...

Great photo of him... Hope he is feeling better soon!
Hugs Kendra