Saturday, December 6, 2008

another good day!

something must be in the air, i had another good day!(meaning happy) it snowed today and not happy about that, i hate snow! im always afraid my big butt is going to slip n fall and then im not going to be able to get up lol, funny but not funny! my sister n law decided to keep my son over nite so that was nice. we didnt really have any plans to do anything tonight bf and i so we just went to walmart to pick up somethings and i got my christmas cards, just gotta fill them out now. i wanted to rent a movie from the red box, but they didnt have what i wanted to see wich is The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian , has anyone seen this? or wanted to see something funny but they just didnt have anything good. that horton hears a who comes out tuesday i wanna see that, sorry im like a big kid :). so anyway just came home and ate dinner, played alittle game system and talked to my niece for a while on the phone, shes 17 and like this age alot more than when she was younger although i dont see her as much cause shes always on the run! plus bonus was me and bf had a nice , peaceful time together. he was being so nice to me wich dont get me wrong he normally is nice but today we didnt fight at all. poor thing was sooooo tired though, went to bed at 10. these long shifts are going to kill him but worth it for the money, hes gotta work today all day too. he said i could come with him and sit in the truck and keep him company but um no thanks! sitting that long will just stiffen and swell me up and plus its too darn cold! finally feel like im coming around again, to the land of the living. i cant really explain it ......but when i was really sick and sorry ill always talk about being sick cause its my life and its something you dont forget. but i didnt want to see anyone or really talk to anyone and now that im doing so much better im talking to some old friends again and it feels nice and making some new friends, im not feeling quite so lonley anymore. it will still be awhile before i feel comfortable hanging out with certain people and stuff cause i still cant do certain things with out feeling like everyones looking at me and with my face being puffy and my eyes puffy most days i feel weird looking at people who new me before cause i no i look different but overall im starting to feel normal again. do you no what i mean at all lol. well i guess thats it for now. hope everyones weekend is going great! lovin getting the christmas cards, thanks kat, missie, lucy! hugs


Lucy said...

Tracy!!! Your entry was so upbeat. I do understand the different changes you go through and you really can't help that. And as you said you are sick and that is part of your everyday life. If you want to TALK ABOUT IT, you talk about it. Lucy

Tightening the Corset Again said...

I definitely understand wanting to just stay in your own little nest apart from prying eyes... not feeling up to making new friends, etc. Just take it day by day... do what you can... don't beat yourself up for the things you can't control.
I want some snow!
Just a little!

Janie said...

Hi Tracy... just stopping in to say hello and you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Just been too busy with the holiday happenings. God Bless, Janie

MISSY said...

I'm a big kid too. I haven't seen the chronicals of narnia but I did go see madagascar 2 :)

I'm glad that you and your boyfriend are getting along.

I can really relate to the emotions that you have experienced. I've gone through a lot myself...

(((HUGS))) -Missy