Tuesday, December 16, 2008

okay question

so just sitting here waiting for my son to get home from school and tell me all about the nutcracker, im sure he had a blast! did i mention that boyfriend on the way to taking me to the drs gets us pulled over cause he wasnt wearing his seatbelt and so now $63 later thats that! he will never learn, he hates wearing them but i tell him you gotta get over it and just wear it your costing us too much money! so heres my question.............. i mentioned some time last month about getting my hair done the whole shabang, cut, dye, highlights for my birthday thats not going to be cheap, i dont think ill be walking out of the salon for less than $100. well i never got it done cause money got tight and bf not working as much but now hes working this side job everyday and will be at least till feb. we are doing better money wise and not behind on anything so should i get my hair done now? he says i should why we have a little extra cash but i feel so guilty. its like my birthday/ christmas present now lol. i dont no what to do, i want to get it done so bad cause i havent had a haircut in 7 months and need a change but feel like a bad person and should just put the money aside if we need it. what do you think? put aside incase we need it or just go do it cause like bf says if i wait to long we wont have it and should just do it while we have the extra cash. but dont think im not going to rub that $63 we have to pay for the ticket in his face that could have went to my haircut lol hugs


garnett109 said...

Go get dolled up for him its the holidays

MISSY said...

I hope your son enjoyed the holidays!

Maybe you should do the haircut but go to a place like Cost Cutters or somewhere that you won't have to pay a fortune. That way you won't feel so guilty about how much you paid. *M*

MISSY said...

Oh and I hate the whole seatbelt law for adults. I think that should be a personal decision for anyone ove the age of 18.

It's another way to collect money from us. *M*

Myra said...

Get it done! You will always need the money for something won't always have the money to do this. Live for today, tomorrow is promised to no one. You will feel better about yourself!